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  1. @Jason Carr I attached a text file with the error message. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks again! error_20190214.txt
  2. @Jason Carr I was typing up some 9.4 info when I saw you released 9.5! I downloaded 9.5 and installed into same directory, but the same thing happened again (initializing screen disappeared after update). I tried launching launchbox.exe again and it opened, but gave an error. The error says it was reported to development team but I saved it if you need it. I waited a few more minutes to let things get synced in google drive folder and ran launchbox.exe again and it worked! I tried a few more times to make sure and it is still working. I'm not sure if anyone will run into this same thing, but i
  3. I am having the same problem with 9.4 update. I've tried restarting as well as deleting VLC folder and reinstall as admin like @JPGIII did above, but it still just dies after initializing screen.
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