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  1. Thanks a lot, that was what I was looking for !
  2. Hi ! Is it possible to force BigBox to run in a specific aspect ratio and/or resolution, to avoid any weird behavior with some themes ?
  3. Thanks ! I've tried the beta, it works flawlessly in 720p, and this theme is .... Wow .... Can't wait for the final version !
  4. Hope you will manage to bring these designs to life (Already using your theme Pulse which I love btw)
  5. Hello ! Your theme seems to match every criteria I'm looking for Did you make it with the Theme Creator ? Or by yourself editing the xaml files ? If it is by the theme creator, would you mind sharing the files if I want to tweak two/three little things ?
  6. Can't wait to use it on my Vewlix Arcade Cabinet !!!!
  7. Salut Viking ! Tout d'abord bravo pour ton taff sur ce thème (et tes précédents thèmes), ça fait plaisir de voir un Frenchy qui brille autant ici J'ai pas eu/pris le temps de tout lire, mais avec la version 11.10 sortie, une vue est prévue pour utiliser au mieux la nouvelle WallView ? Je me sers pour le moment du thème "The POC" pour ma borne, mais j'avoue que la classe et le polish de ton thème me donne envie de basculer sur celui-ci, mais pour le moment je le trouve trop orienté pour une utilisation pour une utilisation sur PC/TV que sur une borne --------- Hello Viking ! First of all, thanks for your awesome work on this theme (and your previous ones), it's delightful to see a Frenchy with so much talent here I don't have/take time to read previous posts, but with the new 11.10 version of LB/BB, do you plan to use the new WallView ? I'm currently using "The POC" theme on my arcade cabinet, but your theme is so beautiful, eye-candy and polished that I want to use it, but for the moment I think that it is optimized for a PC/TV use than on an arcade cabinet.
  8. Is it possible to remove the Sepia effect on the background picture before they show themself in color ? Not very fan of the effect EDIT : manage to remove the sepia effect
  9. Lol, I just switch LaunchBox to English .... And it works like a charm ....Your theme is anti-french !
  10. Try again after uninstall, fresh install again, just import 10 SNES games emulated with RetroArch, and same error pop when I switch to "The POC" theme Any ideas @faeran ? Your theme doesn't like frenchies like me ?
  11. Got this error as soon as I launched your theme. Fresh install, just import one system (Sega Genesis). Default Theme and Critical Zone work fine
  12. Hmmm, I donty have any errors, just asking about if it was doable
  13. Hmmm is the community theme creator tool uptodate with the new wall view ? I'm totally awful at coding ....
  14. Love the second view ! Do you think ArcadeFlow, from AttractMode, can be done with the new wall view ?
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