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  1. I assume you want to use Retroarch 1.7.1 and your NeoGeo games are working using RA on it's own ?  Yes

    very silly question.   I do have the BIOS in the same folder as the roms but Im seeing FAQs to also to have them in the Retroarch system folder.  I have placed them in there and the games dont load and i have also remove the files from that folder and they wouldnt load.



  2. I hope this make sense

    I am currently on (2)two windows 10 64-bit computers right now.    Both computers are  running launchbox 8.2.   The second system "Intel Skull" I am currently rebuilding everything but im running into issues with retroarch 1.7.1 final burn cores for neogeo and capcon CPS roms.  Also the "Intel Skull" running retroarch 1.3.0 as a test emulatior.   Both Retroarchs 1.7.1 & 1.3.0 both can run Neogeo games but not in launchbox.  I have been doing this everynight for the past week to make this work but i cant figure it out.  I have tried

    Tried these methods -

    -add folder or add files 

    -using platform (SNK Neo Geo MVS & SNK Neo Geo AES)

    -manual typing in (Neogeo, neogeo, SNK Neogeo) & using either arcade or the above platforms as scrapers

    -using one emulator (retroarch 1.7.1) or using adding another Retroarch with only  "neogeo" as an associated platforms

    -retroarch emulator path either in the "Launchbox emulators" folder or not in the launchbox folder sturcture at all.

    -within the emulator either keeping the Default Command-Line Parameters or none at all

    -Associated platforms cores, I have tried so many.  None will work with launchbox but when I load retroarch these cores work

    • Arcade (FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo)

    • Arcade (FB Alpha 2012)

    • Arcade (FB Alpha)

    -Would you like to move or copy the files?  I have tired copy, move and also use the files in their current location.  At first I had launchbox move the neogeo roms into the launchbox game directory but ofcourse that didn’t work.  Also tried using a different location for the roms outside launchbox.

    - The BIOS files are in the same folder as the neogeo roms (neogeo.zip 1,480 KB & qsound.zip 3 KB)

    - ROM files are still zipped.

    - In launchbox if I changed the system name I also changed the associated platform name also with the same characters and case-sensive. .

    Now even to make it more confusing that on the 1st computer I have launchbox 8.2 (which I think was a software upgrade but not a fresh install) and using emulator retroarch 1.3.0 with


    neogeo -L "cores\fb_alpha_neo_libretro.dll" True

    Also within retroarch 1.3.0 its using the FBA Cores Neo v.2.97.30

    And it works thru launch box .

    I have also tried to reinstall in a different location launchbox 8.2 and configure retroarch 1.3.0 with that same core and ofcourse loading roms thru launchbox does not work on Intel skull.  

    I can provide images for the setting on the Intel Skull computer and i would like to also focus on that Intel Skull than the 1st computer.  im lost and i would really like to compete this issue.  

    I am in no rush since i have been working on this project for 1+ years so

  3. Has any one used this device with launch box?   Im tyring to think out side of the box for a arcade machine setup with real game hardware vs emulation.   I really dont want to use a retron5 or any clone.   but like the retrode that can rip the data off the hardware and run it on a pc, might be something i want to look into.



  4. I was able to fix my issue by wiping my computer lol.   I think maybe one of the theme files got screwed up.  but its working fine now.   yea im totally inserted in those screen shots.  I have started to replace some of the background with others.  I love the game burr shots but i wanted to swap them out but just a few.  i noticed maybe turbo graphic wasnt one i have.   ill let you know which ones im missing.



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