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  1. looks awesome, but my xbox controller doesn't work in the menu. it works in the games but not in the menu with this theme.
  2. has any created the layout Nintendo switch online nes classic theme yet? Where the boxes are aligned right next to each other?
  3. I could see the difference on my 1080p tv but on my 1920x1600 monitor i still cant see the difference. great catch, so far everything is still working. thanks again guys
  4. i dont believe i have copyed it from anyones txt or message. i think its all me.
  5. are you kidding me. that fixed it. days trying to fix it and it was because of a symbol. wow, thank you.
  6. I assume you want to use Retroarch 1.7.1 and your NeoGeo games are working using RA on it's own ? Yes very silly question. I do have the BIOS in the same folder as the roms but Im seeing FAQs to also to have them in the Retroarch system folder. I have placed them in there and the games dont load and i have also remove the files from that folder and they wouldnt load.
  7. I hope this make sense I am currently on (2)two windows 10 64-bit computers right now. Both computers are running launchbox 8.2. The second system "Intel Skull" I am currently rebuilding everything but im running into issues with retroarch 1.7.1 final burn cores for neogeo and capcon CPS roms. Also the "Intel Skull" running retroarch 1.3.0 as a test emulatior. Both Retroarchs 1.7.1 & 1.3.0 both can run Neogeo games but not in launchbox. I have been doing this everynight for the past week to make this work but i cant figure it out. I have tried Tried these methods -
  8. j0ker007


    Has any one used this device with launch box? Im tyring to think out side of the box for a arcade machine setup with real game hardware vs emulation. I really dont want to use a retron5 or any clone. but like the retrode that can rip the data off the hardware and run it on a pc, might be something i want to look into. thoughts?
  9. I was able to fix my issue by wiping my computer lol. I think maybe one of the theme files got screwed up. but its working fine now. yea im totally inserted in those screen shots. I have started to replace some of the background with others. I love the game burr shots but i wanted to swap them out but just a few. i noticed maybe turbo graphic wasnt one i have. ill let you know which ones im missing. Thanks
  10. I got error message 2x but sometimes i dont but i never get it back to the theme. What it does it moves the systems select to the right hand of the screen. let me see if i can get the error back up.
  11. like i said in the forums, its not working for me when i did the 7.2 update. let me know thanks
  12. not sure if its working on 7.2 update. unless im doing something wrong or if i need to download it again?
  13. awesome, theme. I really didnt want to jump from emulation station but it was way too slow for my updated computer but this theme makes me wish i moved to launch box sooner. thanks. i might have some questions in the next few weeks.
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