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  1. Hi. I been happy with my instalation for a while now. So im back a fue updates. The issue: My 5year old is enyoing my arcade cab. I only got mame in one section. He navigate between games by him self. The problem is when he find some bloody wargame mortal combat like game. So im thinking there must be a way to make bigbox boot into a filtered game list or something with just child friendly games. Does anyone have some solution to keep my 5year old away from mortal combat?
  2. For future reference. It possible now. Just set in option to start on filter or was it list? all games. I only use mame and it works great. U need to reebot bigbox to see the change. Ask if you need a exact reference to setting.
  3. Ok i have unplugged my arcade controlls and used my logitech controllers instead in the same usb port. These controller make use of the same default driver as my arcade controls. And i were suprised to discover that i can replicate the lag issue with theese logitech controllers. So i think there is five options *Theres a conflict between the generic game controller and the sendkeys software. *i got some crazy configuration causing this. *there is a bug in the code/ sendkeys script. *some odd combination of the above *something i haven't thought of Also im thinking about what actualy *Back *Exit Does. The ones under options. Im not sure i have the whole picture about all options regarding quiting a emulator to return to lb. Because mame seems to do a perfect quit. Just by assigning exit i lb. But its not working for other emulators... im confused and need to sleep now Check out the vids! https://youtu.be/nfZNHovCkOk https://youtu.be/IEAVvGQ2wow https://youtu.be/KbRw9reC07I https://youtu.be/Tba9T1yGXX0 https://youtu.be/EDoY5WhgSdI
  4. I have now tried assigning the combo to other buttons on diffrent controllers. I get the same lag. if im going to keep trying ill most likely will try another controller card. i have a logitech usb gamepad. If i cant replicate the lag with another controller its kinda pined down to the controller card. Its bad in the way that many who build there first arcade cab will most likely look into buying one of thoes kits on ebay witch inclued this controller card. While trying to debug or demistify this problem i started to realise that im probebly will deactivate all systems eccept Mame. Because i have build a cab and only want to play arcade games on it. Mame works great and 2500 games is more than enuff. But ill do the test with another controller just to get to the end of this thread. Im hoping to get this done tonight after work.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Ill get back to you after some testing.
  6. Hi again @Jason Carr I have done some more research and found something. After i switched usb ports and reinstalled the drivers i had to remap mame. While doing so i found the propper setting in mame to assign one button for game exit. Before this find i were using key automation in launchbox to exit emulators. Now when trying my other emulators there is a clear pattern. Thous that make use of key automation for game exit creats the lag after about 2 emulation exits. Thoes with a exit key binded in emulator for game/emulator exit does not create this. Im still not 100% sure if this has to do with your code tho.. need some more testing before ill judge your coding Ill try assign other keys with the automation bind combo. There might be some interference with one of the combo key beeing the same as the back and exit button in launchbox. Well if you have some thoughts about key automation and the lag ill love to hear it. Thanks!
  7. @Jason Carr I droped all usb controller devices in device manager. reattached them in my frontports. I had to remap in mame. (possibly in all other emulators as well) but im not getting lag anymore! Well.. After some fast scrolling in list i get the same result.lag then freeze. Im going to do some more testing tomorrow. Might be some kind of conflict driver wise.. i dont know but im sure happy that i got it running for a while there. I still think its strange how this could become a a lag problem in Launchbox. Any thoughts on this?
  8. http://cy-822b.blogspot.no/ http://www.ebay.com/itm/Arcade-diy-Kit-Parts-USB-Controller-LED-Joystick-20-Illuminated-Buttons-MAME-/191873652131?hash=item2cac8f95a3:g:vfMAAOSwBahVET9p It recognize in windows as "Generic USB joystick" with date:2006-06-21 And driver version is 6 1 6701 18199
  9. Hi and thanks for your taking time with my issue. Im on win7 with ver7.4 I were using 6.something and were experienceing no lag. After upgrade both windows update and launchbox im now in problem. I all starts fine. My pc is working hard but I can play a game and go back to bigbox. Then after another game i can return to bigbox but when trying to back out to game list i get reeeely laggy. Some images freezes and i need to hit ctrl alt del. I have tried reverting to 7.0 also trying latest beta 7.4 beta without luck. I created a video to better explain my problem. Check it out here (its only avalible for thoes following this link) my spec. win 7 service pack1 Dell Optiplex 3040 (SFF) Intel core i3-6100T CPU @3.2GHz 3.10 GHz RAM 4GB System arc: 64 bit HDD: NTFS 453GB. 95gb used i restarted launchbox and let it go into attractmode. works perfect. 60 min and counting changing pictures right and all.. Now when i try moving around i menu it died... Seems to be something with me doing my inputs from the controller. Ill try with keyboard and se what i get... Update: Yes this seems to have something to do with my controllers. the menu is still a bit sluggich but no crash or strange behavior in bigbox when i just navigate with the keyboard. is this known? are there a place for downloading 6. something to see if it works better with my controllers? It all worked fine before. If you need any more information to pin down this issue please let me know and ill gladly provide anything that can help.
  10. Yes that helped werry mutch! Thanks! What a diffrence. looks great!
  11. Ok.. this feels a bit stupid. Im guessing i just missed something obevius.. I would love to get thoes system moves to work on my machine. I upgraded to 7.2 I downloaded the movies thru hyperlaunch>tools>download system platform videos I changed in options in bigbox to show videos i backgruond. I have the default theme if thats were the problem is.. No video in bigbox..
  12. Thanks for you reply. games that were clearly not working in mameuifx got imported. not sure why. anything special i need to do? well for me im fine but if i can assist in a possible bug find im happy to do so.
  13. Now that we got a frontend that will work fine assigning gamepad/joystic inputs i cant find any use for you to key. game exit can also be done without joy to key. theres key automation or something like that in settings for lb.
  14. Hi! i did select to keep files in its original place when adding mame roms. Now i want to move my backup and now i understand why i chould have moved them. I can of course re add them. But i spendt several evenings deleting non working games in launchbox. So i want to keep that work. Is theres som xml file or db where i can search and replace all file llocationstrings?
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