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  1. Database Small Things

    I think from the design perspective something like http://www.mobygames.com/browse/games/nes/ would be very good to work with
  2. Is there an "Other Platforms" option in a game info screen?

    from my point of view the GamesDB needs a big update to fulfil the current needs of all the different user from different countries
  3. Is there an "Other Platforms" option in a game info screen?

    Can imaging that this only works if it’s moderated within the games db...
  4. SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    thank you
  5. Dreamcast and Demul

    thank you, that was the solution. I was wondering why it will not work... thank thank thank you
  6. SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    dear SirCamels, I am looking for some Clear Logo for this Dreamcast Game "Zia and the Goddesses of Magic". no luck ... can you help out?
  7. SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    can you upload these logos or give at least an hint which games these are?
  8. Linking PC rig to TV in another room?

    A lot of people gain success with steamlink... which cost sometimes less than 5 bucks
  9. Basic Retroarch Question

    try to archive the same in this week
  10. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    maybe this is the reason why it took so long to approve the images. the moderator rules said that each image should have an region.... I looked into the moderator guidelines and under point 10 it is only mentioned that front and back box art must have an region tag... strange
  11. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    are you the one who uploads a lot of 3d boxarts without region information?

    thank you for speaking for me :-) it is the same for me
  13. Capcom System II - 3D Boxes (HD version)

    is it possible to just get a 3D Boxart without the Back and Front and Back separately?
  14. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    also annoying
  15. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    it is some times worster. I saw an change request for an xbox game. changing the xbox cover with an ps2 one of the same game and so on here something I have nowthat is the reason why I am anymore motivated