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  1. LaunchBox is not an emulator, but an FrontEnd to combine Games and Emulators for easier access. so, if you have an PS4 or PS5 Emulator and backup games yourself then we could help you on that. but as far as I know there is no working PS4 and PS5 emulator available - PS4 makes good progress with at least one game that already starts but is far from playable. and for PS5 I am not aware that we are near to where did you seen people? probably share the YouTube links with us.
  2. Even for the none cd based games I potentially have no luck and have to go with the dat files.
  3. Thank. So there is no such tool as I look for. Especially on the cd based one where I did all the chd and rvz conversions.
  4. years ago I found somewhere nice system clear logos with Hardware in it but I lost nearly everything. does anybody still have these clear logos?
  5. after catching several rom packages I know that I have a lot of dublicate roms with (sometimes) different naming. to test, check and delete thousands of games I would like to ask the group here if there is a rom manager out there for i.e. NES, SNES Games etc. to make the checks if there are duplicates. in my dreamy visions I see a tool that would go into the 7z or zip file, check the MD5 checksum put it in a list and after scanning all roms it would then check the checksums and shows me the duplicates. so that I have the chance to delete one or another etc. also with the possibility for renaming it in a batch like way. does someone of you are using something like that and give me some recommendations? best regards, me
  6. You can Cyclops through the different views of a Theme. Setup a Button for this in BigBox an Go through. Most of the bb Themes Should have a clear Logo Wheel view. in LB is no Wheel view. you can also Download and Place the Artwork by yourself. LB /BB Does Not have such media Files in the Installation.
  7. you can download themes within big box and launchbox. somewhere there is a option to find. artwork and videos can get from emu movies. if you use a premium access, you can download it from the launchbox media downloader. Launchbox also has artwork you can download within the same downloader. per game: go into the detail screen (ctrl+e) then media and there is a download button.
  8. as I said before the idea is great etc. but I see no benefit compared to download it per browser. was no front just feedback
  9. for emulators first the CPU is important. if you go with something like 12300 or so, you will gain a lot of more power compared on what you wrote. but new cpu means new mainboard and new ram as well. nearly 800% more power. after that your 1050ti would be great again with the better cpu.
  10. I tried this tool and I hoped it will show which files I would download /which might be new but it downloads the files immedalty if I have i.e. super Mario bros already and in archive.org the same game is named super Mario bros. (USA). it will download that file as well. this results in searching all the duplicates manually etc. and I this is not really easy within Launchbox for me. at least I don't know how to do this easily.
  11. the idea is great and I am happy to see that something like this exist. the check with already available files only happen on a per filename base which could have issues at - different naming and after that you have the same game multiple times in it.
  12. amazing work something like this I would like to have in Launchbox. something that helps at least to manage the artworks, manuals and videos in a better way.
  13. I have the same concern. I would like to see more features to manage the roms, its artworks and playlists to make it more handy. it would be a big jump in quality of life improvements for me. in the meantime I am also losing interest in the development of Launchbox because less and less sparkle in my eyes if I read what's new. on my android device I am just using retroarch. even with its limitation it feels way better compared to LB Android yet
  14. I did not changed it on my behalf because I like the auto populate style and still have hope the "magic" behind it will some time gets an improvement. I have playlists like "games done" "favourites" "hides" etc based on flags in the game details. and this per system. nevertheless: I would like to have an improvement on the playlists as well. bulk editor AND also chance to copy a playlist to another system. I had setup the same 5 playlists throughout 50 systems or so. annoying. even tried copy paste the xml files did not worked for me.
  15. I have similar issues just because of sooo many playlists based on filters. so every time I start BB or LB the system is recalculating the Playlists again.
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