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  1. Ist depend in the Emulator. sure you can use auch Great ones like Retroarch with multiple Cores (something like Emulators) where you have to setup Most Things Overall for all. In General each Emulator has Options with Resolution settings etc
  2. You have to download an emulator by yourself. launchbox is not offering something like that, it is only the configuration for making an emulator as compatible as possible with launchbox. you still have to configure the emulator in the emulator.and with the right hardware you can run many emulators up to whatever wished resolution. I do mine mostly in 4K
  3. I am unsure if this was new in 11.12 or since forever but this bothering me a bit in the workflow while importing media files. importing wizard ask me if I want to download mentioned media files. below there is a "All" or "none" button as well. the next screen is for the emuMovies media part the all or non buttons are above the media files. would be cool to make both screens a bit more harmonized
  4. Dear all, I found some wrong spellings in the German Translation After importing Games it mentioned Luanchbox instead of Launchbox Option Screen "Allgemein" there is a Splas Screen instead of Splash Screen
  5. you mean something like this? https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6126/beta-1112-issue-new-media-download-blocks
  6. Thanks for your reminder about my point on a new feature in the beta which is not fully satisfying or say it better it’s more annoying. So help and support for not implemented functionalities (because it is beta) sounds strange. So where can I give feedback and ideas to beta functionalities bests if not this thread? BTW: the help and support is something like screaming into the wind. Not get its attention not get the feedback and many things are sleeped. but I will not strata fight and understood what you mean - nevertheless the process lags.
  7. is it possible to pause and resumed it by your own even when you not exiting Launchbox? I have started an import and download of media files. over 120.000 files and it takes several days. in the meantime I am not able to do most of the other processes like combining games (because it is the same game but different regions) or importing other games. even checking if some media data is missing in the "playlist" with missing videos or clear logos etc is not possible because one process is still ongoing. (btw: I did download Famicom Games at this moment together with a batch of translated one
  8. Hahahaha my opinion: as beefy as possible. I have a 8700K and rtx2700 and upscaled everything with high quality textures to 4K and it runs mostly smooth until wii (wiiu too) i also have always use xbrz shaders and lagreducing run-a-head on
  9. is it possible to just get an notification after the downloading the meta data / importing the games and go directly into downloading media? in the past it was one go through and after everything was finished / downloaded I have to press a button and accept it but now the system is waiting for my accept before it starts loading media files. something like a Notification Center which I do not have to accept but just see that Media Data was imported for x games or media files etc. so I will come back to my computer and everything is updated and the screen is refreshed.
  10. new features sounds very promising. thanks to the dev guys
  11. I received the same issue with the newest Launchbox update. before that everything runs well. then I tried to log in into emumovies pages and my creditials are no longer available - even my email Adresse is no longer registers 😞
  12. that's interesting. can we get more details on that?
  13. I know what you want to say but it feels not like being open for critics. in Motorsport it is also good to be in the race and on the top but from one moment to another someone else is faster than you. never the less this discussion is far away for bringing us a step forward unless Jason is not part of this conversation.
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