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  1. did you already tried to change the display settings in Retroarch to the wished one?
  2. basically I did this. I used the search function for the filetype and pick them up. later I decided to install just a compressed disc types into launchbox.
  3. I am using the new Android App of Launchbox on my Galaxy Tab 6s Lite and it works well. sure there is a lot of room for improvements compared to the Windows version but I like it. only real downside for me in my set up is that Launchbox is not giving Retroarch the correct system naming, which results in strange naming in the saves and states folder. In Windows everything works like charm. I am using Launchbox on one Android Tablett, Shield and Windows. through all three systems I am using an application to sync these saves and states, so I can continue my game wherever I want to. that's the idea. and it works if I only use Retroarch for this. On Android Launchbox gives a new "code" as the system for every game. I played yesterday a handful of GameBoy Advance Games and each game has its own folder. is this something that can be solved with one of the next iteration / updates of Launchbox or is this an issue with Android and transferring things from one application to another? I hope there will be a solution for this because this would be the reason not to use Launchbox anymore 😞
  4. make sense. I bought the 25Doller lifetime thing but it would be cool for future members to have a combo membership
  5. can the The new Filter Button save to playlist place the new created playlist directly into the platform which is currently highlighted? for example: I am in Nintendo Wii Platform, choose favourites --> save playlist. now I cannot find the playlist or I have to make many clicks to put the playlists directly into the platform.
  6. i am trying this new beta and what can I say. it feels great and I love this automatic loading artworks during normal use of this application. please implement this into the windows version as well @Jason Carr
  7. I missed a question about the media management. if I can limited the amount of media files per media type (i.e. 3D BoxArt) how can I ensure the same style is always the "first" one to have a harmonised set. at this moment it takes too much time to make the presented Games "sexy".
  8. Ist depend in the Emulator. sure you can use auch Great ones like Retroarch with multiple Cores (something like Emulators) where you have to setup Most Things Overall for all. In General each Emulator has Options with Resolution settings etc
  9. You have to download an emulator by yourself. launchbox is not offering something like that, it is only the configuration for making an emulator as compatible as possible with launchbox. you still have to configure the emulator in the emulator.and with the right hardware you can run many emulators up to whatever wished resolution. I do mine mostly in 4K
  10. I am unsure if this was new in 11.12 or since forever but this bothering me a bit in the workflow while importing media files. importing wizard ask me if I want to download mentioned media files. below there is a "All" or "none" button as well. the next screen is for the emuMovies media part the all or non buttons are above the media files. would be cool to make both screens a bit more harmonized
  11. Dear all, I found some wrong spellings in the German Translation After importing Games it mentioned Luanchbox instead of Launchbox Option Screen "Allgemein" there is a Splas Screen instead of Splash Screen
  12. you mean something like this? https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6126/beta-1112-issue-new-media-download-blocks
  13. Thanks for your reminder about my point on a new feature in the beta which is not fully satisfying or say it better it’s more annoying. So help and support for not implemented functionalities (because it is beta) sounds strange. So where can I give feedback and ideas to beta functionalities bests if not this thread? BTW: the help and support is something like screaming into the wind. Not get its attention not get the feedback and many things are sleeped. but I will not strata fight and understood what you mean - nevertheless the process lags.
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