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  1. it sounds more like a specific RPCS3 question. it might be possible but better ask the board from them directly. Launchbox is not the emulator neither can handle the save files.
  2. great thing. you can also upload it in the download section hier in this board as well.
  3. I assume it is the nature of the xml solution instead of using a database for this.
  4. i am still on around 30 to 40K games but the speed is already annoying on my side. even if Launchbox is on a NVME SSD and the artworks and videos are on another SSD. so it will not grow in the near future.
  5. sounds interesting of the way how you proceed on this with images / Pictures.
  6. and this would be awesome 🙂 and would bring this nearer to a good place for having all games and media in one place 🙂
  7. this is so long an issue I am fighting with in LB/BB. and one of the points I want so much a rework of the Metadata and Database Handling in LB/BB plus userbility of GUI but unfortunately this might be very low on the list. maybe in version 20 or so.
  8. hi, no it is not possible. but you can show all games in your Launchbox with missing artwork / videos. Option is in the upper left corner where most of us has Platforms choose. there is in the pulldown menu the option "missing artwork" or so (write it from memory have launchbox not in front of em)
  9. not sure what you mean. title says Sega Model 3 and the text mentions PS2 Emulator.
  10. I am "only" using Launchbox to have all my paid PC games in one launcher with more style like Steam, GoG, Microsoft Store and so one. you can also google for home-brew games for the specific platforms. that us bit illegal. but be aware that some homebrew console games are not allowed to play with an emulator because it needs an dumb of the bios. and if you cannot get an dumb of your bios from your own console it might be illegal - related to the region you are living. btw: in some regions it is also illegal to make an own copy of a game if you bypass a copy protection
  11. thank you. this is awesome and exactly what I expected for the Launchbox Games Database.
  12. is there a chance to get two or three different types of Game Detail Edit Screens? depending on the DPI and resolution settings to make advance of higher resolution on a working screen? I am usually setting things up on a 4K screen with 100% DPI - and I like having most of the things on one screen at once. it is just an idea.
  13. Hi, it depend on system and sometimes the region that no or not full artwork is available. Sometimes you need more than one download iterations. Sometimes nonartwork is available in the gamesdb so few of us are also using emumovies as source for artwork. can you name the system you tried and what kind of artwork are you missing?
  14. I have now the issue that if the media is in a different folder as the launchbox folder that the AMM application cannot see them anymore. for using this it is recommend to have all media in the launchbox install folder. did I done something wrong or miss an option to make this great tool workable again for me?
  15. It looks like that Media Management and Edit Interface / Masterdata will be the main focus on this update and I am happy to see that welcomed additions.. maybe later a better way how to choose different versions of the same game in the detail screen with an intime chance of the artwork related to the region of the game
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