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  1. you mean something like we have for game titles with alternative names?
  2. maybe this makes it easier for you
  3. Controller Configuration is part of the Emulator. so you have to do this in RetroArch but luckily only one time per emulator CORE.
  4. So, concerning the bad news and not work as expected seems like beta
  5. bad news like it deleted more than it should be and you cannot choose what kind of duplicates the system should delete or if these are duplicates or planned doublets. in the beginning I tried that solution and experiences the same and now I am fearing / concerning such solution especially when such solution was not needed before for Videos. maybe there needs a better communication towards functionalities with a manual or a Launchbox Wiki for the many features it already have that normally the common user never be aware of. alternative is, that I make a copy of my 300-400gb of media files and then start this clean up tool and after that I have a long way to check if the tool did the right job because not all media is available in the games DB (which is the reasons for asking of such media art toolkit in launchbox).
  6. Read only bad news on this and how does the system know it is a duplicate?
  7. I assume this is not new for 11.8 but I found out that it is now possible to have more than one video per game and I dislike this. in the past I was choosing a bunch of games and said "download media" and ensure I that I have the newest set of videos in it. now I saw that some of my games in my library have three to four times the same video. messing my media library. Is there an option that I can choose "add a video" or "overwrite current media"?
  8. maybe outside of the game details like we already have with the system audit solution.
  9. great work. link for the pack in the first posts is broken. can you add the new pictures again?
  10. Sure. I like the Launchbox and BigBox thing for all my games and emulators. that is great and launching everything incl. Steam Archivements (new feature) and Retroarchivements are great. but managing the media and design is not user friendly and most of the time annoying. example one: adding a 3D Box to one game you have to make multiple clicks. first go into the newer detail screen of the game in launchbox. then choose in the side bar the media. then Drag and drop the png (or whatever) into the place and then choose what kind of Art is this (in this example 3D Boxart). doing this for thousands of titles is frustrating and taking tooo long. example two: checking what kind of Arts and videos do we have in Launchbox / Bigbox and exchanging it is tooo complicated too. you can go into the detail screen then choose media and then going left and or right. but sometimes I have two of the same Arts like two clear logos. which one is the better one? first helpful addition would be getting media details like file size (i.e. 78kb) and dimension (i.e. 160x90px). this helps during clean ups. and having a flag for "active" and "inactive" if we have multiple arts of the same kind like clear logos or 3D Boxart etc. sometimes I just want to change the art style because of different sets. example three: in the launchbox board other are uploading art files as a set. like Playstation 1 PAL Box set. thousands of files with great artwork BUT the file names are not align with the launchbox file conversion. so you have to rename most of the file names or manually load it through the game detail screen. I know that launchbox can handle filenames like "Tekken (PAL).png" but the system has a problem with such file names next to the name scheme from imported files like "Tekken-1.png". and sometimes the just copy and paste file names not matching the game names in Launchbox and then you have to find those in a folder with thousand files. a media manager screen like game detail screen where you can go through the games and see on one screen 4 or more artworks like 2D BOX, 3D Box, clear logo and Start screen plus the video file and manual file directly available would be a big benefit for making the appearance way more better. of course with the change to delete files from there and drag and drop files to import them. also a filter with show all games without artwork x or y so we can dive directly to these missing artwork games. and a great feature would be if we could have the chance to upload those artworks from the launchbox ("media manager") to the launchbox games DB to make the collection available for everyone easier. downloading great artwork is so easy in retropi (for example) and one of the reasons why it is easy to handle. I think, this would be another USP - unique selling point. not the unique one but another for the great Launchbox. and being honest, I do not know what kind of others features do launchbox really need, I am not missing something but would like to see an improvement of the current things in the way of how to use (user acceptance factor can be improved through GUI upgrades). keep that great work and I hope that my examples was helpful to understand me. edit: I know there are some external application or plug ins for this but they are not working seamlessly with launchbox. a good starting point was this one the issue with this tool is that it only looks in the standard location of the files and I had moved my files to another location due to space issues. Launchbox is in my ssd c drive, media Incl. manuals and videos is in a SSD b drive and games are on several discs. changing the folder information is also not easy and I have to make the changes in the xml files directly.
  11. any change to get improvements in the Mediamanager for the games or changes in the detail screen to make changes in the media? it is really unmotivated work to add media to each Titel like I have a set of PAL PS1 3D Covers. to get them available in Launchbox and BigBox it is a game by game manual work so far.
  12. I am now at 32..248 Games from total of 100 Systems / Platforms. not all are configured completely and still missing artworks, videos and Launchbox ID link as well.
  13. I am still awaiting for a new poll with more chances to get helpful enhancements for media and meta data management within Launchbox.
  14. you posted multiple threads with nearly the same question. sometimes mixed it up by yourself like Tecnoparrots Mario Kart Arcade DX and Triforces / Dolphins Mario Kart Arcade GP
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