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  1. Chris Kant


    small world
  2. Chris Kant


    I am from the second "smallest" town in Germany, called Hamburg. so next to the Dam of Amster Dutchy
  3. Chris Kant

    MSX Resources Collection

    is this sorted and named after the GamesDB?
  4. Chris Kant


    have the same feeling and using old stuff from other frontends 😞 I would like to see this as well
  5. Chris Kant

    How long is the Dolphin Bar usb cable?

    Just google for it. This would be just a 10 bucks sensorbar with batteries. Wiimote Connection is then still needed through a separate Bluetooth Stick Solution. This works flawless on my side yet
  6. Chris Kant

    How long is the Dolphin Bar usb cable?

    I bought a wireless wii sensor bar. Running in batteries and placing it free where it fits best. i once had the dolphin bar but after the Bluetooth passthrough feature it was only working as a normal sensor bar but not for anything wiimote related
  7. Chris Kant

    How long is the Dolphin Bar usb cable?

    Are there more than one version available?
  8. Chris Kant

    Microsoft Windows Disc Collection (68)

    Hey Not Uploading it into the Games DB?
  9. Chris Kant

    Taito type X

    That would be cool
  10. Hi All, I am sorting my arcade platforms at this moment. And while Launchbox is offering a Playlist function I would like to go with separate platforms. doesn't matter at all because even for the playlists I would like to manage more the arcade platforms than Launchbox currently is offering. so I start working on my Platform for Namco and Sega where more than the famous one or two platforms exists but unfortunately no clear logo for them. does someone of you have clear logos for those platforms or is able to build some? thanks in advance Chris
  11. Chris Kant

    Auto Generated Playlist Clear Logos

    many thanks, even when it will not cover half of my playlists per Platform and my Platform but this will make it a bit better 🙂 I have on each platform these playlists: all games favs aka love these games best-of (not favs but also not worth to hide aka not loving but liking them) Done (all games I've done) rest (games I set up to hide - wether loving nor liking)
  12. Chris Kant

    Auto Generated Playlist Clear Logos

    insane... I like them a lot. it is a lot of work to put these into my launchbox because I have other unique namings but that's it. Also my Platform clear logos has most of the time a console picture with it.
  13. Chris Kant

    Change path of video files

    You have to change that in the XML file. Sadly no option menu ist in launchbox available.
  14. Chris Kant

    Launchbox 9.2 Change Log

    It is the first time since forever a new feature is not working for me. have a 4K screen an I cannot setup retrocharch to 4K windowed because of not enough resources to run games like that. I used real full screen together with changing the resolution to run good