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  1. I received the same issue with the newest Launchbox update. before that everything runs well. then I tried to log in into emumovies pages and my creditials are no longer available - even my email Adresse is no longer registers 😞
  2. that's interesting. can we get more details on that?
  3. I know what you want to say but it feels not like being open for critics. in Motorsport it is also good to be in the race and on the top but from one moment to another someone else is faster than you. never the less this discussion is far away for bringing us a step forward unless Jason is not part of this conversation.
  4. I am not sure if this is a good long term way. my problem is that I am losing more and more the positive vibes for this application because it is so exhausting to add artworks in a correct way to all the games and have a control on it plus the performance. I cannot wait for a new pole of potential enhancement and development focus for the next period.
  5. it depends on the amount of Systems and especially Playlists. the xml based solution in Launchbox cause slowdowns from the architecture perspective. also loading Artwork in Launchbox (open a system and presenting all games with 3d Artworks takes long). I have the same experience with my 8700k overclocked, NVME SSD (with launchbox and artwork on it) and a RTX 2080. it is no longer a beefy system at all, I know.
  6. I am not from your region but maybe we can give you some advices to make it easier for you. doesn't matter which front end you are using Emulatores will always the same challenge. which systems would you like to emulate? and a good starting point is tetroarch. if one system is working well there you are more than half way through a lot of other systems as well.
  7. did all the XBOX 360 Games have a Launchbox ID in your Game Details?
  8. exactly my impression 🙂
  9. try right mouse button on a game in launchbox, then you can choose between the versions of the game
  10. unfortunately this user experience is whooped for some other improvements 😞 I don't like this change either
  11. I assume there was an option like save per plattform or save per game. or maybe this core splitter could help as well 🙂
  12. Thank you for the tip but everything is already compressed plus General hdd compression is also activated Also - where it works I am using chd to save Space as well ps3, 3DS and Switch Games needs a lot of space. Sometimes over 30-40 Gb per Game and More.
  13. I have now a total auf 32.315 Games with around 15-16tb of Games through 100 Systems.
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