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  1. Thank you very much. I will try it in the upcoming week.
  2. HI ALL, I am trying to get Xbox Classic Games run in LaunchBox without success yet. I have some images and the CXBX reloaded emulator but then I struggle to run it. I also not really able to run any game in CXBX yet. does someone have a good how to do or so for me? regards, Chris
  3. What is normal? Per system around 4 to 6 playlists and around 50 systems
  4. does anybody have the same experience with Launchbox?
  5. Hi all, I am using Launchbox now for a while and I thought the speed in Launchbox was because of my old System (around 4,5 years now incl. SSD). Example, like switching between Systems or Playlists takes a few seconds. Going into the details screen of a game or pressing "OK" in the games detail screen. with taking a few seconds I mean everything from 3 to 10 seconds. I changed my hardware to something more uptodate now with I7-8700K, 32GB Ram, RTX 2080 and also a SSD with 3.500mb/s read and write speed but the speed not changed at all. I thought now it would be snappier than before but unfortunately not. Does anyone have an Idea or same experience with their Launchbox setup? BigBox runs fine but during configuration and setting up meta data in Games or adding Artworks it is something like a pain to wait for it every click I made. regards Chris
  6. that is what I meant but wasn't able to find the proper words 🙂 thank you
  7. also very helpful could be the option to delete specific artwork / etc categories like "music" through this.
  8. I am also curious and ready to start something with retroarch but did not dive deeper yet.
  9. is it also possible to have the theme downloader and startup screens loader available in LaunchBox? most of the time when I just configure things I use Launchbox and it would be more flowable not going to Bigbox only to prepare or update some things.
  10. does someone have another tip because it will not work for me. every time I start it it goes fullscreen but with the lowest graphic resolution and display settings.
  11. are there more planned? because these are great
  12. Playstation 2 - PCSX2 - CSO (why better than GZ because with GZ there is the need of an index file) WiiU - CEMU - WUX most of the system that also Retroarch supports are able to use CHD for disc based games. I spend many hours to convert them by myself.
  13. I am from the second "smallest" town in Germany, called Hamburg. so next to the Dam of Amster Dutchy
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