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  1. at least a way better Soundtrack makes it worth.
  2. Do you have a many Playlists? this makes Launchbox way slower during BootUp than the real amount of Games in TB.
  3. Chris Kant


    Will you enter them into the database?
  4. alternative, you set up a second instance of tetrarch within Launchbox and choose the different core. after that you can pick the "other emulator" in the games detail as the emulator.
  5. you have to set up the path for the roms in launchbox and probably the path of the images to get all images in Launchbox available.
  6. how is the speed of launchbox? I am struggling with only 25 thousand games and probably 100 Systems. also thinking how do I want to manage the Arcade Section. I am unsure if I want to have one big arcade system or divided it by every arcade machine - at least for the Sega, namco etc arcade systems. on the other hand I am fearing the amount of work for the split and getting all the images and videos for the systems.
  7. is there an how to do for Retroarch for using this files? or just loading a file within tetroarch and all is fine?
  8. great thing. is there already the possibility to integrate the games into RetroArch?
  9. the flags like game completed, hide game, portable etc. everything we can use a badge now. and the rest: can understand that but media organisation Is currently not the prime feature of Launchbox
  10. @Jason Carr is it possible to set the flags per game in the right sided detail window. at least those flags that also got badges? every time going into the game detail screen, setting the flag and press ok and wait for several seconds is bothering me. another question is, can we get something like "no calculation" as an option compared to excel automation? so if I change something in the game detail screen and press ok, that launchbox will not update the current view until "press f5"? this makes handling way faster. I also don't know why everything needs to refresh after pressing ok in game screen details. I did not change name of the game, any sorting related things nor media files but screen needs a refresh. and every time it takes seconds.
  11. until today the Puppen Core was not able to run 64DD games. with Mupen64 next 2.0 it is now possible.
  12. nice work. can you also offer the files as an zip to download? so all in one file?
  13. at least an warning information that there could be a conflict between those two options
  14. that's the issue. I made the spaces as low as much to have as many covers on the pages without loosing space. so, Jason needs to cover this as well.
  15. if new theme is meaning default, than yes and badges are also activated you can see next on the upper right side an fav star showing - but mostly under micro machines. btw: I don't like the theme with resizing boxes. it takes ages for reloading everything. and when you working on the database entry per game, and press ok - then you can wait again seconds before everything is ready for setting up the next game. and I doubt having everything on two separate SSDs is the reason for this. I assume it is because having "too many games and too many playlists" 😞 I guess bringing a real database like sql instead having everything in xml files will boost the system up, or looking for using the RAM better (I have 32gb ram)
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