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  1. did all the XBOX 360 Games have a Launchbox ID in your Game Details?
  2. exactly my impression 🙂
  3. try right mouse button on a game in launchbox, then you can choose between the versions of the game
  4. unfortunately this user experience is whooped for some other improvements 😞 I don't like this change either
  5. I assume there was an option like save per plattform or save per game. or maybe this core splitter could help as well 🙂
  6. Thank you for the tip but everything is already compressed plus General hdd compression is also activated Also - where it works I am using chd to save Space as well ps3, 3DS and Switch Games needs a lot of space. Sometimes over 30-40 Gb per Game and More.
  7. I have now a total auf 32.315 Games with around 15-16tb of Games through 100 Systems.
  8. I understood what you want to say but convenient is not the same as MORE convenient. few more clicks and a extra plug in that works not as good as it should is a nightmare from the user view. never the less. I am also not big fan about media management in Launchbox its Game DB. when you have media art that is out of standard in Launchbox. the upload bad stuff into the games DB is indeed also a problem but also here I am pretty sure there are possibilities. a overhauled moderation function would help a lot, and uploading from launchbox, more possibilities in the games detail like al
  9. I assume he is mentioning a more convenient option.
  10. not sure if I understood you completely but I have a slow down since ages and the reason was explained by Jason that I have too many playlists and automated playlists that needs to build up during startup.
  11. it maybe increase the startup performance but because of many many playlists I assume that I cannot feel any improvements at all 😞
  12. best new feature so far 🙂
  13. Media Handling is a difficult and messy work in Launchbox. especially if you download from other places than the gamesDB the files and place it into the right folder. naming convention has to be exactly like the game name in the GamesDB else not all files will be found and shown in Launchbox. you can display games with missing media. in the upper left corner you can choose the missing media view and then goes to cards and filter it by platforms. then you can choose the wanted few missing ones.
  14. do you have the same error message when you try to start a game directly in CEMU? did which CEMU version do you have?
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