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  1. Hello, I am looking for a solution to lock Bigbox into a unique game until I desactivate the option. I want Bigbox to behave as I hooked a real arcade game : - Choose a game with a "lock to the game" option (same as the lock option in Bigbox) - Play the game - If ever the PC has to shutdown - I Turn on the PC again - When my PC boots, Launchbox launches automatically the last game until I manually "unlock the game". Would this be possible ? The main reason for that is I want to dedicate the cabinet to a game for a week or so, and not let people able to switch between games until I decide to do it myself on purpose. It's also to avoid to let myself switch between games so easily, sometimes good barriers let me enjoy the game better. Thanks
  2. Hello, I love the option to launch arcade games grouped by versions/regions from bigbox, and not having duplicates of the same game (usa, japan, europe, tranlated...) Is there a way to show only one entry per game with different regions or names for consoles and computers too with launch options per region ? Best regards
  3. yes, basically i'd like to access the same launch options with the different versions as you right click on the rom on launchbox. They are listed automatically when they exist, how do you reach that section in the first screen ?
  4. Hello, Is there a way to be able to choose which rom version to launch from Bigbox ? I use it on my cabinet and would like to launch for example Shinobi without the double screen with high scores, I need to do everything with the stick.
  5. Problem solved : I have to launch mame with this option -keyboardprovider dinput
  6. I am using Groovymame, is it complicated to compile it directinput ? or is there a workaround without compiling everything ?
  7. I tried also with Xpadder, it's the same problem with Joy2Key. I have configured all my attached gamepads to the same layout (All player 1 on keyboard mapping). It works on everything except Mame. Yes it's the latest version. I have read somewhere it's a problem with raw inputs. Mame don't seem to recognize Joy2Key and Xpadder inputs, only direct keyboard inputs and joystick inputs.
  8. Hello, I have multiple controllers in my setup connected through an usb hub (nes pad, gamecube pad, joystick, etc...) I mainly use 8bitdo controller for retro consoles, x360 for everything with analog, and a joystick for arcade games. My main emulators are Retroarch, Mame, Demul etc... My problem is everytime I have to configure the controllers because they change the order. Is there an easy way to set player 1-2-3-4 and get all the other emulators understand which controller is the primary ? I tried joy2key and setup all emulators with keyboard keys, but mame seem to not support this. Best regards
  9. I entered Amiga platform, search for deleted roms, it cleaned the mess they were pointing to Amiga CD32 games in the amigacd32 folder, not in the amiga folder which didn't contain cue files. good feel satisfied !
  10. Oh man, it's the Amiga folder, it contains .cue files ! Problem solved, have a good sleep !
  11. I definitely found Amiga CD32 duplicates and they are both .cue files. They don't have the same name. I have searched : battletoads
  12. Here are all the platforms I have : Amiga (zip files), Amiga WHDLOAD (zip files), Commodore Amiga CD32 (cue files), some games are identical because they were released on the two platforms, but still not the same platform nor extension, even artwork is different. For example : Akira in Amiga WHDLOAD I don't hold anything against you on the contrary you helped me and gave me a nice workaround thank you ! Have a good night !
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