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  1. Hi again. In case it helps, I've passed a complete exam from Windows Defender and it detects the above betas as threat: 11.3-beta-12 11.3-beta-14 11.3-beta-15 11.3-beta-16 11.3-beta-17 I don't think so but could be something related to the new .net?
  2. Thank you, Jason. I will wait for the new stable version.
  3. Hi Jason. I use the latest beta version of launchbox. Never have any problem since a lot of years usin it. I doubt my system is infected. I've checked the full system with booth, Windows Defender (updated) and Malwarebytes (updated) with zero problems. I'm very careful with the security and don´t install untrsuted applications. I don't enter in 'estrange' pages either. It is very weird beacuse the threat jumped not at launching Launchbox but when I was trying to add a new image to a game (when push add button). I've launched other applications to see if a virus was infecting other exes but all seems normal and Windows Defender does not detect anything.
  4. Hello, today Windows Defender has found a threat when launching Launchbox. I have attached two screenshots with the details. Have someone suffered this problem? I think that must be a false positive but for now I've quarantined launchbox.exe Edit: Launchbox latest beta (23/08/2020)
  5. I've made a v7.0 fresh install but the problem is till there. I'm sure that it is a bug, but nobody seem to detect it or nobody use custom filters, don´t know. Could you please tell me where can I report this bug directly to the developers? I think custom filters are essential in Big Box. Thank you.
  6. Hi again! I've tried everything: delete all custom filters and create again, going up and down, etc. Latest v7 version does not work also. Do you confirm that they work correctly for you? Please see the attached image as example: I've created a new custom filter, NES favorites, it should appear only the game 1942 but it shows all my games in the library. I do not understand what is happening. The same filter works pretty well in LaunchBox. Thanks.
  7. Hi all! I recently purchased a premium license to enjoy the awasome big box mode and use filters to organize my library. I've created two filters that working pretty well in launchbox main program but not working in big box. In fact, no filters seem to work in big box. The program shows all games in the library instead. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if I miss something, but all filters that I've made, work like a charm in launchbox but not in bigbox. Can someone give me a hand? Thank you in advance and sorry for my english.
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