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  1. One last question if you all don't mind - I don't actually need the "software list" MAME romset versions, right? Unless I intend to use MAME to emulate consoles that MESS used to do like sega genesis, PS1, etc. - which I don't. Are there any non-arcade systems where there's no good option other than MAME? I haven't really come across any. Colecovision?
  2. Thank you! This is useful. I don't see a way to actually access these lists from the MAME site. However, replacing the version portion of the address above with what other version you want to see (i.e. replace 0228 with 0225, etc) seems to work. It's still hard to sift through and sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of new games added that you actually might want to play, but it's very useful and better info than I had.
  3. Thank you. I also posed a similar question on reddit/MAME and someone said MAME ran faster and someone else indicated there are some graphical enhancement filters. Very valid reasons for upgrading even if there few if any killer "unicorn" games that have been added at this stage which is what I've been mainly fixated on in terms of bothering to update, until now.
  4. Yahtzee!! This looks like just the thing. I'll have a little fun playing with this over the weekend. I knew of CLRMAMEPro but I thought that with my MAME set so far out of date that the only real option was to start from scratch and DL a new set. Thanks! As you say it will be more than 700MB but a whole new MAME set with CMDs would be more like 700 *GB*. So I can probably save a lot of data.
  5. Hello all, I have MAME v 0.182 I set up about 4 years ago. I'm looking for compelling reasons to upgrade, if any. If I'm honest, I don't really care about computer chess, or handheld games from the 80's, or obscure curios and the like. But if there were legit new arcade games that have been newly dumped or made to work/work better in the past 4 years, that may be tempting. Especially if those games are shoot 'em ups, racing games, or platformers. But anything of note, really. I'd also like to get into Pinball emulation eventually if there has been any advances there. It's surprisingly har
  6. Hi thanks for the reply. Yes, there is that option in the Bigbox options under Views I believe, "show favorites at the beginning" or thereabouts. If toggled off, the games appear in their normal alphabetical position. But then you lose the list of favorites at the front. I'd like to have both. Since they're my favorite games, I wouldn't mind the redundancy, and in fact would welcome it. Cheers
  7. Hello all, happy 2021! I have a question/request that I couldn't find discussed anywhere else just now. Right now it seems that when you favorite a game, it is taken out of its normal alphabetical spot in the platform listing. That behavior is not particularly convenient, when you are looking for a specific game by name, and can't find it. You are expected to remember that you've favorited a game and look for it there, which for me is a 50/50 proposition at best. As all of us know, the favorited games appear at the beginning of the alphabet before the letter A. I confess, sometimes I get tripp
  8. I think the stumbling block might be portable apps. LB is portable of course but emulators for the most part have to be installed. I may be wrong, or not totally right, about that. If your chosen emulator lists a portable version on their site, then Bob's yer uncle. Though, I feel like it would be just asking for driver issues, file path issues, etc. Maybe I'm being a pessimist. But it's probably just as easy, with potentially fewer hassles, to simply install, say Retroarch, on every PC. You could certainly stick some games on a portable drive for a portable game solution, maybe have a f
  9. Anyone else drooling at the possibilities of these new AMD Zen 3 chips dropping Nov. 5? I may need a hardware refresh if some of these benchmarks can be believed. Supposedly the "Ryzen Gap" will be a thing of the past. My gaming PC that I built 4 years ago with an i5 6600k gently OC'd to 4.25 Ghz, Zotac 1060 6 GB, 16 GB RAM is still very capable today, but has never been quite enough to run RCPS3 satisfactorily. And Wii games in Dolphin, and even certain Gamecube games like F Zero GX and one of the Star Wars games can stutter occasionally, and show signs of strain. Definitely interested i
  10. I'd suggest just setting up the process before bed and let it do its thing overnight
  11. At the time, I was under the impression the issue was a Windows thing as opposed to a Plex thing but I could be wrong about that. Good to know there's a workaround now with Kodi. Though, with Kodi, I tried and tried, but the UI just doesn't make intuitive sense to me. Things are never located where it seems like they should be. And, like different functions in different places sometimes have the same name, etc. It's definitely not as well thought out and intuitive as Launchbox and Big Box. If Jason ever wanted to tackle a server/client media solution, as a Plex competitor...Plex now seems
  12. Thanks guys for clarifying my offhand and potentially misleading comment. HDR has always worked fine in Windows as far the the GUI, etc. I was referring specifically to playing HDR video files via Plex on a Windows 10 PC. That never worked right. The picture would look odd. It'd often have a weird blue tint. Something about HDR files, the color gamut or whatever, was not handled correctly. As I recall, when I researched the issue, this was a known problem and a lot of people were grousing about Microsoft's unwillingness or inability to address the issue. But that's been a year or more, now. So
  13. Congrats on building your first gaming PC. I did that myself as a non-young person, 4 years ago now. It was a bit of a turning point for me, in a modest sort of way. I was going to build an HTPC, was all excited about it. Then sort of randomly discovered Launchbox. And all of a sudden my HTPC build plan had to morph into a gaming PC build! Which was just as well really, since Windows 10 still can't deal with HDR correctly, making it useless for 4k movies. Anyway. Just know that if someone gives you a hard time, they've likely had the time to get that good at a game by being unemployed and livi
  14. No, I've only played it recently. It plays great. Just delivers the goods as a space shooter. If it comes across as generic, it's largely due to hindsight of the many shmups that came after it, I think. Anyway it's not really about that game per se, it was only an example to try and start a conversation, if anyone else had that "huh" kind of moment when they saw a community rating that didn't seem to line up with their opinion of the game. But, this topic seems to have largely landed with a thud. Anyhoo...
  15. Anyone? Any thoughts, comments, whatsoever? This is perhaps the least chatty discussion forum I've ever been a part of 🙂
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