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  1. I want to launch a PC game.exe to start full screen when i start it via LB. The game doesn't have these options, the only way to go full screen is by ALT + Enter on keyboard. Is there a way for LB to start the game full screen? Maybe by setting a delay of 1 or 2 seconds then after the initial launch ALT + Enter command under "Application Command-Line Parameters"?


    Thank you kindly

  2. Is there a way to enable mods to load with citra_libretro or citra_canary_libretro, similar to how the Citra.exe standalone handles them? I want to load the Majora’s Mask 3D Project Restoration mods. Is there a folder to place the mod within LaunchBox or Retroarch? Or a string of Command / Hotkey Script?

  3. Sleep, 8500

    Send {Alt Down}{Enter}{Alt Up}



    Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}


    I'm using this AHK i found online for the time being. Just adjust the "Sleep" amount until your cache is loaded. Some games like BOTW cache shaders take longer to load, i have mine to 33000.

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  4. Hi, does anyone have "Best of" for consoles & Handhelds that they can share?

    Best of Nintendo 64

    Best of Nintendo Entertainment System

    Best of Nintendo Famicom

    Best of Super Nintendo

    Best of Nintendo Super Famicom

    Best of Nintendo GameCube

    Best of Nintendo Wii

    Best of Nintendo Wii U

    Best of Nintendo Switch

    Best of Nintendo Virtual Boy

    Best of Nintendo Game Boy

    Best of Nintendo Game Boy Color

    Best of Nintendo Game Boy Advanced

    Best of Nintendo DS

    Best of Nintendo 3DS

    Best of Sega SG-1000

    Best of Sega Mark III

    Best of Sega Master System

    Best of Sega Genesis

    Best of Sega Mega Drive

    Best of Sega 32X

    Best of Sega CD

    Best of Sega Dreamcast

    Best of Sega Saturn

    Best of Sega Game Gear

    Best of NEC TurboGrafx-16

    Best of NEC TurboGrafx-CD

    Best of NEC PC Engine

    Best of NEC PC Engine-CD

    Best of SNK Neo Geo AES

    Best of SNK Neo Geo Pocket

    Best of SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color

    Best of Sony Playstation

    Best of Sony Playstation 2

    Best of Sony Playstation 3

    Best of Sony PSP

    Or any others that I've forgotten to list. Would be greatly appreciated very much.

  5. Hello,

    Is there a way to setup a shortcut to "Toggle Screen Layout or Swap Screens" using an XBox Control for Citra standalone .exe Canary/Nightly builds? I've used the AutoHotkey Script with LB for fullscreen startup that others have provided. Also a way to setup the right analog stick to emulate the stylus pen? Thank you in advanced. 

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