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  1. I updated Youtube Scraper but it won't load LB and I don't get the option to Unblock the DLL it in Properties. I'm on a Windows 10 x64 with latest OS updates as of 10/2020. Any suggestions?
  2. Does anyone have an Epic Games silver ring to share? Thanks in advanced
  3. I want to launch a PC game.exe to start full screen when i start it via LB. The game doesn't have these options, the only way to go full screen is by ALT + Enter on keyboard. Is there a way for LB to start the game full screen? Maybe by setting a delay of 1 or 2 seconds then after the initial launch ALT + Enter command under "Application Command-Line Parameters"? Thank you kindly
  4. Could someone please make logos for these arcade systems. Thank you, much appreciated . Sega Naomi Sega Naomi 2 Sega Naomi GD-Rom Sega Naomi GD-Rom 2
  5. Is there a way to enable mods to load with citra_libretro or citra_canary_libretro, similar to how the Citra.exe standalone handles them? I want to load the Majora’s Mask 3D Project Restoration mods. Is there a folder to place the mod within LaunchBox or Retroarch? Or a string of Command / Hotkey Script?
  6. Sleep, 8500 Send {Alt Down}{Enter}{Alt Up} $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } I'm using this AHK i found online for the time being. Just adjust the "Sleep" amount until your cache is loaded. Some games like BOTW cache shaders take longer to load, i have mine to 33000.
  7. Yup, i got the same issue with Cemu v.1.15.19.
  8. @tycho1974All your Startup videos are top notch!! Any chance you can do CPS 1, CPS 2, CPS 3, NeoGeo, Sega Naomi, Sega Naomi 2, Sega Naomi GD-Rom, Sega Naomi 2 GD-Rom, Mario Kart Collection. Any system videos would be epic with the touch of your wand.
  9. Does anyone have a Sega Naomi GD-ROM & Sega Naomi 2 GD-ROM that they can share?
  10. Thank you for the tips above buxilaks it help me figure out how to get LB to load GZDoom with the NeuralUpscale2x_v0.95.pk3. I have the GOG Doom games and all i did was create a shortcut of (DOSBox.exe - Shortcut) within D:\GOG_02\DOOM 2\DOSBOX. Then i followed the steps that buxilaks posted here. This is what my Target Shortcut Properties looks like "D:\GOG_02\DOOM 2\DOSBOX\DOSBox.exe" -file NeuralUpscale2x_v0.95.pk3.zip I followed the suggestions of renaming the GZDoom.exe mod to DOSBox.exe that i found online, to avoid any issues. Also the NeuralUpscale2x_v0.95.pk3.zip is in the same dir.
  11. I made "Best of" for playlist with the Viking template. Hope someone finds them useful.
  12. It's a good start but maybe slow down the beautiful art scrolling up by 20% - 40% speed so we can admire it.
  13. @faeran Ahh i see now. That makes sense, I'm on a 4k display. Thank you
  14. How can i change the game list fonts size to match the same size as the console list fonts? The game list font size is almost half the size.
  15. It's very sleek, responsive and cool. I'm really digging it! Suggestion you need a few more "custom device logos" for * under Arcade * all or most of the new collections that been added to LB Capcom Play System * or Best of Capcom Play System II Best of Capcom Play System III Best of Nintendo 64 Sammy Atomiswave Best of Nintendo Entertainment System Sega Model 2 Best of Nintendo Famicom Sega Model 3 Best of Super Nintendo Sega Naomi Best of Nintendo Super Famicom Sega Naomi 2 Best of Nintendo GameCube Sega Triforce Best of Nintendo Wii SNK Neo Geo MVS Best of Nintendo Wii U Zinc Best of Nintendo Switch Nesica x Live Best of Nintendo Virtual Boy * under Consoles Best of Nintendo Game Boy PC Engine is labeled as TurboGrafx-16 / CD Best of Nintendo Game Boy Color NEC PC Engine or PC Engine Best of Nintendo Game Boy Advanced NEC PC Engine-CD or PC Engine-CD Best of Nintendo DS Nintendo Satellaview Best of Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Sufami Turbo Best of Sega SG-1000 Nintendo Super Famicom Best of Sega Mark III SNK Neo Geo AES Best of Sega Master System Sega Mark III Best of Sega Genesis * under Computers Best of Sega Mega Drive GOG Best of Sega 32X Steam Best of Sega CD Uplay Best of Sega Dreamcast Origin Best of Sega Saturn Battle.net Best of Sega Game Gear Epic Games Best of NEC TurboGrafx-16 Keyboard & Mouse Best of NEC TurboGrafx-CD * under Playlist Best of NEC PC Engine All Killer No Filler Best of NEC PC Engine-CD Assassins Creed Collection Best of SNK Neo Geo AES Castlevania Collection Best of SNK Neo Geo Pocket Final Fantasy Collection Best of SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Kingdom Hearts Collection Best of Sony Playstation Kart Racing Collection Best of Sony Playstation 2 Mega Man Collection Best of Sony Playstation 3 Metal Slug Collection Best of Sony PSP Metroid Collection Resident Evil Colletion Sonic Collection Street Fighter Collection Zelda Collection Or any others that I've forgotten to list. **Edit: I went ahead a did a bunch of images for Platforms & Playlist most of what i listed above. I used the template @BlazingRyuu provided theme. I did a search for the font and hopefully came close to his original. My ZiNc is kinda meh.** Images.7z
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