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  1. Hello, Is there a way to setup a shortcut to "Toggle Screen Layout or Swap Screens" using an XBox Control for Citra standalone .exe Canary/Nightly builds? I've used the AutoHotkey Script with LB for fullscreen startup that others have provided. Also a way to setup the right analog stick to emulate the stylus pen? Thank you in advanced.
  2. Does anyone have a "Final Burn Alpha" .xml playlist based on the latest MAME roms that they can share? Thanks in advanced.
  3. Is there an automatic way to generate a "Best Video Games of All Time" Playlist based on Metacritic score? Without having to do it manually.
  4. Does anyone have an Resident Evil Collection, Assassins Creed Collection and Kingdom Hearts Collection? I would be very grateful.
  5. Does anyone have a Battle.net silver ring that they can share, please?
  6. Has anyone made a Keyboard & Mouse silver ring? If not can someone please create one? Found a few images for ideas.
  7. @dragon57 Wow! They are much better than i would've imagined! Thank you!
  8. Can one of you wizards make a Metacritic, Metroid Collection and Castlevania Collection silver ring please.
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