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  1. In Big Box mode there's an image stuck on each game menu and game details screen that I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of. Ill post some pictures to see what I'm talking about.
  2. Are you saying that the .ini being pulled would be the same one stored in C:\MAMEui64\ini\mame.ini not from some other location within the Launchbox installation folder?
  3. I finally ditched the libretro cores due to numerous reasons and too many hours of unsuccessful attempts to get MAME running like I would like it. I went ahead and installed MAMEui64 and everything within the ui is running great. The only problem now though is that when I try and load the games through Launchbox, it doesnt load the same .ini file that is in the MAME ini folder. When I load up an arcade game in Launchbox everything is default settings rather than the .ini file that MAMEui starts up. Do I need to set a path for the MAME .ini file for Launchbox? Also, what the custom .ini files that are being used for certain games that I have specific controls setup for?
  4. One other question since we're on the topic of standalone mame. Using retroarch there is a lot of comparability issues on which core to use on many of games in my name library, does standalone mame have this same issue? If I switch to using standalone mame will I have less issues running games?
  5. Thanks for the advice. Ill try a bit more to get it up and running and if it doesnt work Ill try standalone mame. Ive been told to switch to that a number of times but have been a little intimidated using standalone mame.
  6. Im currently using .183. Perhaps ill try libretro_mame out. If that doesnt work I fell that i may have to do a fresh install of retroarch and delte all settings. Im wondering if I may have accidentally changed a setting someplace without knowing. When I stopped working on it months ago I was having some games use content specific settings over the global settings, but this problem I am having was not an issue back then.
  7. Launchbox with Retroarch with MAME2014 Libretro core I took a long break from configuring my arcade machine and recently dived back into it. I am running into a problem that I cannot seem to find an answer to so I thought I would come here to see if someone could help. The issue is that when I load up a game in Launcbox using the MAME2014 core, the global buttons are not being used by default, instead the buttons for the specific machine that I load are the ones being used. However, this is obviously very inconvenient because every time I fire up a game I have to go in and change each machines buttons configs through the quick menu screen within mame. Is there a setting that allows for all machine settings to be overwriting global settings?
  8. just realized this function is within Retroarch not mame. Solved. Insert face palm here.
  9. Im trying to assign all of my buttons on my ipac4 within mame. The player 2 joystick down command is registered as key F. The problem is that within mame the F button is the full screen/window mode command. Is there a way to disable this within mame somewhere so that I can use the F button as my down button for player 2? Pressing tab to quick menu does not seem to show this at all.
  10. I am using MAME version .186 with the .183 merged rom pack. However, every libretro MAME and FBA core that I tested against these particular roms also did not work either. I am currently downloading the latest .186 split rom pack now. Perhaps that will work.
  11. @DOS76 Even after downloading standalone MAME I am having a similar issue. It works for a number of games just like when Retroarch was my default emulator in Launchbox, but it still seems to have an issue with several others. When I try to load up a number of games, all of which I have the rom files for, MAME it gives me the error of, "The selected machine is missing one or more required ROM or CHD images. Please select a different machine." This occurs even for games that do not require a CHD file. Would you think that a split rom pack would keep this issue from occurring?
  12. Is the issue that I am experiencing due to having a merged rom pack? More specifically is retroarch/mame only opening the zip folder of the game and then just simply stopping rather than knowing which of the several versions to select?
  13. It sounds that I am I gonna have to move away from the libretro cores and over to standalone MAME if I want any success. I went with the libretro cores because I have found MAME pretty intimidating. I'm worried the customization I'm looking to achieve for my arcade cabinet won't be as good with MAME as what the libretro cores have been able to provide. It's incredible how many hours one can spend trying to get things setup exactly how they want. I just want to get it customized to how I want so that everything runs fluidly and disable it from the internet forever.
  14. I am trying to run my CPS2 games from my .183 mame romset but when I try and fire it up through Launchbox or Retroarch it begins to load but then initially crashes. Ive tried to test this on several different cores including various versions of mame as well as fbalpha. I cannot seem to find a solution online through searching so I thought maybe the community would have an answer.
  15. Excellent work!! The only thing I wish it had was a Williams Classics and Atari Classics bezel
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