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  1. Yeah, kinda disappointed in myself for only getting 2 done and not having the time I thought I would to do all the main consoles. Each one took longer than I thought it would with all the masking out and stuff in Photoshop. Cooper has done a good job taking over with the templates I sent him...maybe he can finish what I started
  2. nice, man! The overall lighting look really cool.
  3. Sure, here ya go. NES Overlay
  4. i don't know much either...was a learning process just trying to figure out what used what image file in what folders.
  5. Sorry about that. Didn't realize how long just doing one console would take. Never found the time to complete the rest. Was really excited to start it and could have looked cool. Who knows..maybe down the road some time I'll get back on it. Most likely not but ya never know.
  6. No problem...yeah, part of what takes so long is cutting out all those items from an image.
  7. doh, don't know what happened there. I just copied and pasted..weird! I fixed it if you didn't alreayd just copy and paste the link into your browser.
  8. yeah sure, download them from my server. There's the background wall with the posters thats the "fanart" file and then the SNES PSD with the main stuff in the foreground. Fanart SNES Console I also made a NES version to use as an overlay for my RetroPie NES setup. In use on my TV
  9. Yeah, unfortunately I never got around to doing all the consoles. The SNES one took long enough lol..would take a while to gather images for each of the main systems and put them together in some way in photoshop.
  10. Im wondering this also. I just got a G29 with shifter. Got it working great with the settings in Supermodel and Logitech Gaming Software but its not working correctly in the Model 2 emulator. Where its supposed to accelerate only as much as you're pushing the pedal down, in the Model 2 emu the slightest press acts as a button and give it 100% throttle. This screws up playing something like Daytona USA when you want to drift and control speed. Dayonta USA 2 works great in Supermodel. The key set up is minimal for Model 2 vs the Model 3 emulator. There's no telling it to use Y and Z axis..just sees it as joy 1 accelerator and joy 1 brake. Even with that I have to swap just so the correct pedals do what they're supposed to. Why bother supporting force feedback if you don't allow the correct key/wheel mapping?
  11. well that makes 2 of us that don't know XML lol. I've only needed to edit one of the XML files to get rid of text otherwise its all photoshop work.
  12. unfortunately no release date has been set. As mentioned earlier I kinda did this for fun just to see how it would come out but now that there's some interest I will finish it at some point. Just a little busy with work related stuff right now. I've never done a theme before so I'd have to make sure I have the files for whatever views right and all that jazz. Glad to see people like the idea but apologize that it will take some time for me to fit in. Be patient
  13. Thanks..i will eventually be doing more systems...the mainstream ones anyway. Just busy with work stuff now.
  14. you mean the arcade machine in the room? Yeah..i was just trying to fill space but not sure if I liked it in there.
  15. Yeah, the darker background sets off the foreground better. The background will be a fanart file and the opacity of it can be adjusted through the settings to a users liking. The TV and everything to the left of it on the Nintendo one is from the original Retro Arcade theme I'm basing it on so that's why that has that lighting effect that the original creator created. Makes sense in the dark arcade setting he's doing. Not so much in my "room" setting where you wouldn't normally have such a dark over head light kinda setting. Thanks folks. Release date? Not really sure...never really thought about that. This all started with me wondering how the Retro Arcade theme would look with a theme I had in mind, tried one out and asked if there was any interest. Since a few are actually interested I guess I should continue on, huh? lol. A little busy at the moment and waiting for my new computer parts to come in for a PC I'm building. Right now I'm using my living room table as a desk and working off a projection screen..so its not an optimal/comfortable work experience. Should have my PC done this week and then have a lot of work projects to work on. Will have to figure out how to work in this theme project. lol, i like that idea. Only thing is that doing movie posters keeps the theme consistent. But it would be easy to take a request and use different posters in the background if someone wanted that.
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