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  1. I have looked online and looked within the LaunchBox menus but I can't find a list of keyboard shortcuts for LaunchBox anywhere. I just want to know the basic commands like a key to turn on/off the game info side bar etc. Anyone know where this is?
  2. That's brilliant to hear the files is structured very well, no doubt all the notes and headings will help me a lot too when I decide to delve into it and try a few tweaks. Yes, I know what you mean, once you can start to see a pattern and locate things within some code you can start to make a bit of sense out of it even if you're a non-coder like me. Thanks for the update that is really cool you were successful and very encouraging to hear for sure. πŸ™‚
  3. Thankyou ! πŸ‘ I installed it just now and it's looking great by comparison, so much easier having the title there and it looks much cleaner too. Great work once again MR RetroLust, you made the best BigBox theme even better! And thankyou for helping me out straight away that was really cool of you and I really appreciate it πŸ˜ƒ I resized some of Vikings 4k Colorful Platform videos to 4:3 ratio and now that they properly fill the screen, I think they look fantastic together with your theme! Cheers MrRetroLust and thankyou again for all your many efforts and projects that make LaunchBox beautiful!
  4. That's okay, I understand, I hopefully will try that one day if I can. Is the bar just a graphic element I can make in photoshop? It's a shame it can't go much bigger with the text but it already is a big improvement in my opinion. Perhaps autosizing text would be a good compromise if it doesn't look too bad? It really does look so much better now, thankyou for doing this, I really appreciate it! πŸ˜€
  5. Yes!πŸ˜€ That is what I was thinking, thanks MrRetroLust It's already a big improvment! But I honestly think the text needs to be much bigger, at least double the height and width to make it more visible at a glance. I think the issue of the text being hard to see depending on what video is playing behind it could be fixed if the purple bar could also be extended across the bottom and also across the top, so the usual yellow ARCADE logo can really pop! I know I am asking for quite a bit and I understand if you would rather not do this as I will try to figure it out one day with the editor. But if it is something you can do I would be so very pleased and grateful! Would this be hard to achieve you think? Thankyou for already having a go at this so soon, I was not expecting that at all, you are awesome! πŸ˜€
  6. Well done Whatcheizer, it's really good to know that themes can be edited relatively easily and quickly for some things.
  7. You are welcome πŸ™‚ Ah I see, it's the way they are imported/labeled in launchbox. It would be great to be able to have it like yours appears in the picture. Thankyou Mr RetroLust!πŸ˜€ I look forward to this very much!🀩
  8. Firstly, I need to say that I love your Bigbox theme and launchbox theme, I think the main reason I purchased Launchbox premium recently was so that I could have videos for each game in this exact style and layout of your theme (see picture below) and I could not find any other themes that had this simple and best layout, so I am very grateful for your efforts because the results are so stylish and stunning! The one thing I do not like though, is the time appearing in the bottom middle area of the video display portion of the screen and I thought it would be a good time to post here since I've been thinking about this and someone else has just brought this up too. In my opinion, it just doesn't look so good or like it fits with the rest of the layout to have a clock there and I would much prefer a version without this. But what I would really love to see is a version that replaces the clock with a plain text title of the game because sometimes the banner logos on the side (despite looking great) can be very 'busy' and elaborate and it's not always easy to detect the name straight away. I think even extending the two bottom corner purple info blocks (showing playmode, year, developer and publisher) into one long bar/ribbon across the bottom might even help make the game tittle more visible too and still hopefully look good. I was thinking about downloading the theme editor and seeing if I could manage this, but if it is something you would be willing to do as a slightly changed version for people like me, I would be so very very grateful as it would make this theme just about perfect in my opinion. P.S. I love the new arcade cabinets project you are undertaking (and the fantastic Arcade 3D boxes project too!) because I have really been disappointed and turned off by the terrible quality of the majority of arcade cabinet images I've seen for so many years. But the new cabinet images you and the team you work with are producing look absolutely fantastic and I think they finally match the quality of all the other great artwork available, instead of dragging it down like most of the old images do. And these new cab pics look especially awesome in the theme pictured below, it just works so well within the layout and pleases me so much.πŸ˜„ In the picture below there is a picture of the Capcom CPS system banner instead of the arcade logo I see on mine, is that because the Capcom logo is maybe missing from my hard drive? I would prefer the system logo appear like in the picture below or if not available then no logo at all. Is this something that can already be done or does the theme need to be edited to achieve this? Thankyou again for all your hard work, your bigbox theme is by far the best theme IMO and I really dig it so muchπŸ˜€ Keep up the good work Mr RertroLust, you are a champion!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€© Image URL
  9. That's okay, I was just hoping you could steer me towards a forum or video or something that could help get started?
  10. Thank very much I couldn't find it because I had the button bar hidden. I think it would be much better if this option was also available in the normal option menu in case of this. That sounds really good, but I don't know how to edit themes or even where to begin, would you be able to point me in the right direction please?
  11. I remember a few days ago seeing this option somewhere in the settings and thinking I will give it go and see how it looks because sometimes the Box art doesn't immedeately make it clear what the game is. But now after seeing it for a while it's really stating to annoy me, so I went looking for the option to change it back and I can't find it anywhere. I looked many times but it seems to have disappeared on me. Does anyone know where to find this option please? Also wondering about something else while I'm on this topic: during researching an answer to this question above, I have read that the current default theme doesn't actually allow for placing the name under the box art and only themes based off the "old default" theme will allow for this. Which now that I have seen the game title actually on top of the box art and disliking it, I realise that the name under the box would probably work really well and look good too. So I'm wondering if there is a theme that looks similar to the new default theme that actually allows for this? Because the "old Default" theme doesn't quite look right and isn't as good as the "new" default theme overall, in my opinion. Thanks
  12. Thankyou faeran, I really appreciate you posting this and clarifying the situation. It is really good to know a bit more about the situation and that something is being done on both ends.
  13. Emumovies sync is incredible slow. - EmuMovies Sync - EmuMovies Thanks, I had a read of this and it seems they are aware that it is more than just single movie scraping through Launchbox being the problem.
  14. Thankyou for posting this, I am relieved to hear they are working on it over at EMU Movies. But I have had a problems with batch downloading of movies too not just single movies. When I try to get certain movies types in batch mode it just fails completey and downloads nothing at all. I hope they are aware of this problem too?
  15. Yes me too, I tried using the sync app yesterday (first time I had tried it) and I was able to get batches of movies at a time for several different ROM collections which Launchbox won't let me do right now, it just fails completely, depending on what movie type is selected. But as I mentioned above, I can get the movies individually through launchbox but it lakes 10 minutes to find them and then slow downloading when it does. But the EMU movies sync app was getting the movies I selected in batches and it was much (multiple times) faster than Launchbox getting them individually. One thing I noticed is that even using the EMU sync app, that there were still quite a few missing gameplay and missing theme movies despite only a pretty small list of games I was downloading for in each of the 4 systems I tried. No more than about 60 games per system but still missing movies? I was expecting that for massively popular systems like: Wii, GameCube, Nintendo 64 and Mame (at least the really well known games in Mame) that all of the videos would be available by now, at least the gameplay videos for sure? Because I was under the impression that paying EMU Movies for a lifetime subscription was going to mean I could get all the game videos I wanted very easily because they were all available through their premium service? But maybe the EMU Sync app also glitches and misses movies and I have to download a full set through the website or something? I just don't know because I'm new to Launchbox and Emu Movies. I was only picking High Quality game play videos via the EMU sync app so maybe that is why some were missing? But surely they would have everything available in High Quality versions if they have the video at all, because the low quality versions would just be a scaled down version of the bigger videos right? I really hope that those missing movies are actually available from EMU Movies in one way or another or otherwise I would be very disappointed and honestly a bit confused given that I thought I was paying for a premium (pretty much 'fire and forget') service. I also really hope that the issues of Launchbox failing to download from EMU Movies properly will get officially acknowledged and fixed soon too. Because one of the main reasons I paid for a premium Launchbox and Premium EMU license at the same time, was so that they would both work together reliably and make getting all the artwork and movies very easy, because this is what it is advertised to do. I really like the big box theme I have installed and it's looking great when the movies are finally added, but overall my initial impression of things so far is not very good and I'm disappointed that getting it even partially set up has been so difficult and that no one seems to know what the problem is or that anyone from Launchbox has explained either?
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