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  1. I have MESSUI64 set as my default emulator for Genesis roms and when using the MESS program on its own, without Launchbox, I can get my Genesis roms to run just the way I want, with correct full screen 4:3 ratio and really nice looking scanlines and saves states and preset volume control and everything I love about Mame that I can never get working properly on other Genesis emulators. So I was really dissapointed when I tried launcing some roms through LB. I can get them to run (using: genesis -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow as the command line prompt) but it will not use any of the settin
  2. This is what I thought, have to do it manually. That is unfortunate, something like EMU or LB at the start would be handy I suppose. Mysterious indeed, maybe it goes off of date or something. It would be nice to see an option within LB to show alternate artwork, wether it be from another website source or artwork you made yourself. But I guess at this stage you would have to just manually delete other versions so it has to display the art file you prefer. Thanks dos76
  3. Thanks, so for example, LB just puts all the box art from both sources into one folder on your hardrive and you need to go through and sort them out yourself? Are they named in a way that shows the source? If there are 2 box art (one from each source) pictures for 1 game, which one does LB choose to display as you go through your games?
  4. But neil9000 said you can just download everything from both sources, how does that actually work if you have 2 versions of the same thing? Also how do you check to see which one you like better and select it? Or is everything identical anyway?
  5. Ok, thanks for clearing this up with the emumovies and if I select to grab everything from both services does launchbox let you choose an option to select between the different artworks you prefer later on 7n the o9tions menu or something?
  6. Thankyou for your reply this has been very helpful, very good to hear I can run multiple copies under the same licence this is great! its a shame there is no Pi version, but Im glad I know now. Im wondering if, when I purchase premium launchbox, can I still just download standard definition videos (instead of the hd ones) from emumovies through launchbox if I am registered with them for thier free content? Also, one other thing I am curious about please, do you guys provide any content (box art, title logos etc) or is it all coming from emumovies? Thanks
  7. I'm wondering if I buy the LaunchBox premium (forever) license for $50, can I use it on multiple PC's and devices in my home for the one $50 price? Also, can I run Bigbox on a RetroPi 3? And one last thing, does the premium license include the ability to scrape HD videos of all the games and see them in a variety of layouts, because standard launchbox doesnt seem to show any videos, just text and pictures on that crappy thin sidebar on the right. I selected SD movies when I scraped my NES collection and inclded my emumovies login (mine is just a free account) but it seems that feature (ga
  8. Okay, it turns out I had to put the name I login with rather than my profile name for it to work, so I put that name into the custom url and saved it in steam and then put it into launchbox and then it found all my games correctly. Thanks for this. While I have you, can I ask you one more thing: How do I change the background image behind the games images? right now it has my desktop wallpaper displayed and currently looks really bad. I am just looking for something simple for now like this one below for example, or are there themed background images that I can download for each of the systems
  9. It says it's already in use. There appears to be another person with my name and it seems I have been downloading all his game info.
  10. Hi Everyone, Just discovered Launch Box and I'm impressed with what I have seen so far but I wanted to give it a try with my Steam games before I attempt to import the many Emulation Roms that I have. But right away I have run into a big issue. I followed this video tutorial below but my steam profile page does not list my name in the adress like in the video. It goes more like this: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005098215/ Instead of: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SentaiBrad Like with Sentai Brad's is in the video. So I put my name into L
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