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  1. Rambo III mame arcade bezel (Sadly I could only find an unusable very low res image of the original bezel, instead I used a generic camouflage artwork) rambo3.zip
  2. Rally Bike mame arcade bezel rallybik.zip Not the best quality but it was the only source I could find, feel free to use in your projects.
  3. Thats strange, did you install the theme in launchbox/Themes not launchbox/LBThemes? Maybe try to unblock the zip file itself instead of only the DLL's? Is the name of the folder either "Neon Deluxe Arcade Final" or "Neon Deluxe Arcade Final - Alt Views" depending which version you use?
  4. You've been extremely busy man Thank you so much for everything you do, it's incredible! Thank you! 🤘
  5. Version 2.3 Added in Game Details: Wikipedia URL and Video URL per request from @joshchawks Added in List View: Columns > Alternate Names, Wikipedia URL, Max Players, Release Type, Video URL, Installed, Application Path, Launchbox Games Database ID Be sure to right click the columns and check the view options to make them visible.
  6. Thanks glad you like, thanks to @C-Beats those achievements are in there! @C-Beats I have found the wiki url for the gamedetails, you know what code I should add for youtube links I can't find it? Edit: Found it!
  7. Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 mame arcade bezel rbisland.zip
  8. I voted on this as well thank you for making it, it was a very useful function to have "Prefer Theme Videos" in Big Box.
  9. I have tested out your issue but I can't replicate it, it shows up as it should over here. Also in the code it is correct so something is wrong at your end i'm afraid, maybe reinstall the theme?
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