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  1. Konami GT aka Konami RF2 - Red Fighter mame arcade bezel konamigt.zip
  2. Jason noticed some freezes after testing the old version (with fading wheels) of this theme. I'll try to upload it again in the future to see if the current version runs flawlessly.
  3. I removed the clock for you, overwrite this file in the theme's view folder. This view also shares the same view with the filters/text view which would overlap the text on top of the box and cart, it wouldnt look right. TextGamesView.xaml
  4. @SimonLev Here you go, overwrite this file in Launchbox\Themes\Neon Deluxe Arcade\Views TextGamesView.xaml
  5. Thanks man That's weird, are you running it in mame or retroarch? If you use it in mame have you tried downloading the zip file again? I think I know what could be happening, if you used to use Orionsangel bezels you had to resize the screen manually these settings are stored in the nvram folder, if you delete the frogger file it should reset all the settings for this game including the screen settings.
  6. No problem man, i'll make it tomorrow. To edit themes you can open the xaml files in the views folder with a notepad editor, notepad++ is great for this. But you can also make or edit themes with the Community Theme Creator, but to edit an existing theme made in this program you'll need the community theme files for this, provided a theme creator shares these as well. But then again the exported xaml files can be edited as well.
  7. Its supposed to look like that so you can read the back cover (does work better with vertical boxes though). The front cover is displayed as a background behind the text. If you want I can make you a custom version and swap the sides.
  8. Thanks for pointing it out bro, really appreciate it, can you test this one out? Should work now I think. UPDATE: Red Baron mame arcade bezel redbaron.zip
  9. Yep standalone Mame is much better in my opinion, there are a lot of bezels out there for retroarch but you'll have to adjust each screen x and y for those manually. Unless you prefer user made bezels that use full screen video but have manual art at the sides. Nope you cant use RA shaders in mame standalone.
  10. Oh thats not right, i'll check it out tomorrow if I can see any errors in the lay file.
  11. I like to run Mame itself for arcade because of the bezels/artwork support which is more authentic like some games use a color overlay or have a separate backdrop which cant be done in retroarch as far as I know, plus artwork files work out of the box, just put that zip file in /artwork and you're done. I like the shaders for retroarch more but HLSL is good as well once you get the hang of it to set it to your liking, many options to tweak.
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