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  1. Thanks guys, the enthusiasm I recieved from all you guys these months makes it a lot of fun to do, so thank you as well 🤘
  2. That's weird it looks fine here (mame 0.198), you sure you've selected the correct view in artwork? Maybe you have cropped view active?
  3. Deathsmiles mame arcade bezel (UPDATED VERSION by @Boz1978 he managed to correct the moves strip, great work bud, thank you so much! 🤘) deathsml.zip
  4. It's called moves strips but I hardly use that search term as it lowers your finds. I see now the one you ment, I didnt upload it because of the bad quality and once i'm done with a bezel I delete the material. When searching for stuff I usually type in google images: "name of the game" arcade. When no luck seek japanese name and search in the same manner.
  5. Thanks man I mostly upload any artwork I find to the database, check: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/#s
  6. SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative aka Defense mame arcade bezel sdi.zip
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