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  1. Mr. RetroLust

    A legend that deserves some recognition

    An interesting read about the man and his work: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evan_Amos
  2. I just saw this video by MJR and after watching it I feel we should consider giving this man (the legend Evan Amos) a bit more recognition and credits seeing his beautiful work. Thought i'd share this seeing his contribution to the width of the retro gaming community:
  3. Mr. RetroLust

    Moderation queue won't 'refresh'

    I'm experiencing a weird issue with games database moderating, when I accept or reject an entry it will load but instead of a new entry it shows the same entry over and over again, the queue entry number also will stick on the same number, which shows it won't 'refresh'. I already deleted all browsing data including cookies but it won't resolve the issue.
  4. Mr. RetroLust

    Coming soon, Neo Geo Marquees v2.0

    Thanks man The final pack will have a long delay as I'm working on another project (arcade cabinets 2.0) for months to come. All dual layout marquees can be downloaded through the launchbox scraper, the full marquees are whats left to do.
  5. Mr. RetroLust

    American Laser Games Platform Video

    @mcfilmmakers There was a problem with shortage of space on the server I saw in another thread, causing the latest uploads to display an error "file not found", you'll have to reupload the file. Thought I mention it to you.
  6. Mr. RetroLust

    FutureState Neon Deluxe

    Can you explain your problem in as much detail as you can, like is it happening on large game lists? Video crashing? Have you tried other themes? Do you have plugins installed? Which version of launchbox are you running? How long did you use the theme and what changed during your use of this theme?
  7. Mr. RetroLust

    Smart playlist for "Recommended/Must play..."? (SOLVED)

    Yeah it should be in game details, if you dont see it you might have turned it off in the options menu
  8. Mr. RetroLust

    Smart playlist for "Recommended/Must play..."? (SOLVED)

    Lets say you have already rated all of your games then it'll be a bit difficult but if you haven't you could pick a number, lets say 3 stars or 1 star, if you only rate those games you want to play later with these and then make a smart playlist for just 1 or 3 stars you'll get them together. But for that matter you can add games to a playlist within BigBox as well if i'm not mistaken, wouldnt be a smart playlist then but a manual one.
  9. Mr. RetroLust

    Smart playlist for "Recommended/Must play..."? (SOLVED)

    The way I do it as a workaround is by giving them a specific star rating to later add them to a playlist. Edit: smart playlist can work directly with star rating.
  10. Mr. RetroLust

    Your List of Small Things

    I second this, kinda like in iTunes.
  11. Mr. RetroLust

    Retroarch Overlays

    @Hoshizuku no Kaiyou Do you speak Japanese? Reason I ask is that i'm translating and reconstructing japanese instruction cards from time to time, mostly I can translate them if there are low quality english versions but sometimes they haven't been made, it would be great if I could ask someone that could read it.
  12. Awesome! I have quite a few high res photographs of arcade cabinets when you stand before them but a lot of these games dont run well in mame, this way they can finally be put to good use in the future.
  13. Mr. RetroLust

    Which folder to add screenshot pics to

    Here it is:
  14. Mr. RetroLust

    Which folder to add screenshot pics to

    The naming of the files should be exactly the same name of the roms (the short mame rom name) or it should have the exact name of the launchbox database entry. If you have two variants, example: "Mario Bros" is the database entry and mame "mariobros" then there are 2 images wanting to do the same, it should have -01 and -02 at the end of the image filenames in order to display both for one image category. There is a post somewhere explaining it far better then I can though.
  15. Mr. RetroLust

    Konami Arcade Games 3D Boxes

    Awesome work, thank you!