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  1. Mr. RetroLust

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    The LG25UM58-p is 25 inch. Since Marquees all have different aspect ratio's/dimensions you will never find a marquee that displays them all full size, in my opinion this is a much better solution then those 600 dollar lcd bars which have a lot of length but not so much height, to me this is the perfect middle ground. You have a few choices to reconsider: 1. What you can do is change the codes to stretch the marquee images within the marquee .xaml file(s) the way you like, be it stretch horizontal and vertical with the side effect of messing up the original aspect ratio. 2. Cropping the images in the xaml files to get full screen, side effect: missing parts of the sides. 3. Get used to it, turning of the lights help every black parts of a screen melt with the dark. The black level is very good on this monitor, you'll notice soon enough. I choose this option as I like the right aspect ratio and never have minded black bars, same discussion with watching movies, some like aspect ratio some don't care as long as it fills their screen. 4 (Optional). Customize all marquees to 21:9 aspect ratio (I have made a lot of Neo Geo marquees for this aspect ratio. 5. Paint it black (your walls)
  2. Mr. RetroLust

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr I see a small translation bug, 'spacing' is in Dutch. If you fixed this one and the right click menu in the left panel it'll be 100% fixed, at least I don't know how it works in the program language, hope you don't have to fix it all for every language Keep up the amazing work, .Next rules!!!
  3. Mr. RetroLust

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    LG25UM58-p \m/ See:
  4. Mr. RetroLust

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    Thanks bro, that really means a lot to me, I couldn't have realized the concept I had in mind without your amazing work!
  5. Mr. RetroLust

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    Thanks bro! Yeah they certainly will!
  6. Mr. RetroLust

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    Yeah, i've even searched for flipped cabinets in high res but can't find them all in high res facing to the right. Simply mirroring images doesn't work well as the text on the art and marquees are mirrored as well. Therefor I made two different views where one has a outlined cabinet to the right. After a while you'll get used to it though as most cabinet images are still low res with a black background, a lot of work to do for the community lol I'll be working on finding and cutting out high res cabs after I finished my other projects but it'll be a slow proces that can take years perhaps so I hope others will join in, by using image priorities you can switch bad cab images with box backs or flyer backs or whatever other image that you'd like in that placeholder, it'll make sense when you'll be able to test it for yourself, I hope to be finished with the theme within a month, hopefully sooner.
  7. Mr. RetroLust

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    Best game ever:
  8. Coming soon: Futurestate Neon Deluxe, a theme build on the Futurestate theme framework from @Hexxxer (screenshots may not reflect the end product like Samantha Fox Strip Poker for Commodore 64) You can zoom in closely on 1080p screens as the screenshots are in 4K. @Dan As promised I would tag you
  9. Mr. RetroLust

    What Video Capture software do you use?

    I've seen quite a few video screen captures here and I'd like to make some as well for future projects, I see a whole lot of options on the internet, a bit too many to be fair so I'm curious in your experiences as i'm not to keen on trying out a lot of different software to keep the system as clean as possible. What I'm looking for is 100% freeware that can record in 60fps in at least 1080p but 2160p would be sweet. Several export formats and options would be nice as well. Thanks for any help/tips
  10. Mr. RetroLust

    Bigbox lag

    This might be unrelated but I stumbled upon something in my setup while working on a theme, I minimalized codes within the theme testing every time how long it took for the wheel to switch to next games (I have no problems with controllers or whatever btw) I noticed some huge speed differences in my huge arcade list (7000 games with full downloaded media from database, a list I'm slowly cleaning up) after a while when I messed with image priorities, seems I had a bit too many alternative images category checked for one image category for a while (far more than default settings so it's my own doing just to be clear) I noticed my loud HDD going crazy searching through all those folders in search for an image to show, maybe this can be useful as well to remember when helping out people with speed issues in case it was overlooked.
  11. Mr. RetroLust

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    https://translate.google.com/ < Muy Bien!
  12. Mr. RetroLust

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    You did it again! Fixed! Thanks man
  13. Mr. RetroLust

    Moving LaunchBox folder issue

    Ps Are all transitions set to 'none' in bigbox settings and background images all unchecked within Launchbox settings/image priorities? Might free up a lot of loading time and make room for the videos to be loaded.
  14. Mr. RetroLust

    Moving LaunchBox folder issue

    Those are my thoughts exactly, thats why I wonder if they would work in launchbox(.next) if not it sure could be thats the core of the problem, don't know if a (real) high speed USB3 stick would be the solution in this case, I thought I bought a high speed 128gb USB3 stick once, it was quite cheap and it was from Sandisk but it's still a slow turtle compared to usb3 external hdd's.
  15. Mr. RetroLust

    Moving LaunchBox folder issue

    So they do work on Launchbox(.next)?