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  1. FIXED, the file path was too long
  2. Hello, im having a problem where launchbox wont let me import my 1,029 gba games. They just dont show up on the list
  3. Well i guess ill wait it out just because its such an awsome program. SO the images should just be there right? no loading in? thats the normal thing for launchbox? im new. also ever since i moved it to a new hdd i cant play any games it says the file you specified for the emulator was not found, everythings in the same place though, i just moved the emulator to another drive
  4. Damn really? I switched to the 7200 and am still getting horrible lag and stutter. could it be from the update? i heard alot of people complaining about it. i switched to the beta but still no luck:( ?
  5. Around 7000 games so far but i have so many more to add. This is a shit show, big box doesnt even work just lags and freezes
  6. Could it be because of my hdd? Its 5400rpm 5tb. Im transfering to 7200 rpm right now see if that helps. I really shouldnt have this problem
  7. so my problem with my stutter and lag have gotten alot worse. I have all my images cached i believe, theres nothing you have to install for that right? i have all the images loaded on the pages, but when i load launchbox i have to wait for them all to load in again and it takes forever. I just purchased and am very upset:( i thought it would be smooth as butter. i5-4690k gtx 1070 16gb 2133hz ram
  8. chronichemp

    VERY laggy

    Launchbox Ill give it some time to let the images cache, i did just import 2500 DOS games. So just leave it on all and minimize? and it will cache everything?
  9. chronichemp

    VERY laggy

    Ok, so i am looooovinng my launchbox premium but for some reason it lags like hell the ui. I have a gtx 1070 and i5-4690k, 16gb ram 2133hz. Shouldn't it run smooth as butter? I do have alot of games, could that be the problem? I cant even scroll, the program just takes a long time to load and freezes. 6315, games so far. is that why? what could i do?
  10. Thanks alot man youv been a great help, also got my right stick working, i guess tony hawk should just be played with my usb n64 controller because it controls like dog shit on my xbox
  11. ok so c button mode just makes it so abxy are the c buttons, because the n64 uses different ways to hold the controller. like goldeneye is just analog and z to shoot and tony hawk the c buttons jump and do moves
  12. is that the way its suppose to be? i just want to have my right analog act as C buttons, is there anyway to disable a function?
  13. It has to do with that c button mode button, for some reason i have to hold it down in order to use any controls
  14. and unser 1 c buttons mode? what does that mean, i notced i have to hold that button down in order to ollie
  15. i tried it, sadly it did not work. It works fine in the menus but in game the buttons wont work, for example i found out i can only jump if i hold rb and hit B
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