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  1. Might be missing something obvious here, but in LaunchBox I have consolidated all of my ROMS from different regions into just one Game Listing (Europe, USA, Japan etc.). Obviously, I can now right click on the game, and select whichever region I want. However, which Region is loaded if I simply Double click on the game and load it? The same for BigBox, when I select a game, which Region is loaded? And is there any way of changing it at all? I know that I can change the regn priorities foe images, but wndered if there was a way to do it for the actual games?
  2. Thanks for the reply, makes sense.
  3. Hi all, just looking at setting up PCSX2 in LauchBox, was just wondering if there is any difference between USA and Europe ISO versions of the game, with regards to compatibility. I know that some emulators seem to run better with certain regions. Also, I have noticed that PS2 USA ISOs seem to be a lot smaller then Europe ISOs, just wondered why? As usual, any help much appreciated!
  4. Hi, I am literally puling my hair out - whats left of it. Probably missing something stupid, but here goes:- I have set up the Beetle PSX HW core now, got it running pretty well (to be honest, looks like a good core). However, a few games need the core specific options tweaking a bit (ie CPU Overclock, PGXP Mode etc). I am trying to save Game core overrides for these games, but all that seems to happen is the settings are saved for every game on the core, not just that specific game? I have saved my basic overall settings using 'Save Core Overrides', and then I am trying to 'Sav
  5. Sorry for the late reply - had a play around with the settings, managed to get Beetle PSX HW running pretty good - only tested a few games though. Interestingly, my settings seem to be completely different to Neil's - suppose it shows how each system differs computer to computer.
  6. Using a 19" LCD - will have another play around with the setup later on, see if I am missing something obvious.
  7. Hi Retro808, I have tried that, and changing the video driver in Retroarch Drivers to suit - it seems that whenever I try and change the resolution, or change anything that may improve the graphics, it just crashes Retroarch.
  8. Thanks for the help - what do you use for PS1? I have eboots, and run them through Retroarch. To be honest, every game so far seems to be very 'glitchy' graphics wise, or very poor quality resolution wise. I originally used Beetle PSX, but heard good things about Beetle PSX HW, so tried using that.
  9. Hi thanks for the response - interesting to know that. The system seems fine on all other platforms, just those mentioned above. It may be that I am expecting to much from them? I would have hoped that at least the PS1 games would run fairly true to the originals, but changing the resolutions etc in Beetle PSX HW just crashes Retroarch. Might need to have a play around with it again later on.
  10. HI all, I have been slowly building up my system, and am now starting to set up the likes of PS1, PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast and Wii etc, but I am finding that my computer seems to struggle with these. I have tried various cores and settings etc, but never seem to be able to improve the 'quality' of the games (ie running Beetle PSX HW - changing resolution etc crashes Retroarch and so on). Not sure if it my GPU that is holding me back a bit? I am running:- i5-4690k 16 gb Memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (4 gb) I can get a ASUS R9-280 GPU fairly cheap, would upgrad
  11. Old thread I know, but this has just saved me hours of renaming 3D Box Art!
  12. Thanks for the response, will have a look later.
  13. Hi all, busy setting up PCSX2 - I am going through all my PS2 ISO's, and deleting any that run poor, to free up space. However, it seems that a few games do run ok if I tweak the settings in PCSX2, however this then has a knock on effect with the previous games I have tested, i.e the settings make that game run poor. As this is all going to be inside an aracde cabinet, I dont want to have to keep adjusting settings - what settings are other people using, is there a general 'these are the best settings' setup?
  14. Hmmm, think I will give this another go later - getting bored of going through PS2 ISO's now anyway.
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