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  1. Will do a test tonight
  2. Yeah it´s the scraping thats killing me. FW is OFF. Scraping in Retroarch and Emulationstation works perfect. Import into LB works if media is not tagged Having gigs of roms you kinda want the imports of media to work but LB just stands still, nothing happens...
  3. Premium user Clean install with PC (i7, ssd, gtx 1050ti, 16gb ram) Clean install LB Importing 1(!) romfile - N64 007', 45min now and nothing…. I know i am not the first one having this issue… Annoying as hell. Looking for alternatives for frontend. Sad to see LB has gotten worse since i first used it. Stopped using it many months ago for having this exact same problem and it is STILL the same? (sorry for ranting but this sucks)
  4. This started with me wanting to launch the Sharp X68000 emu (xm6g) in fullscreen. Now, in the options menu there are no box to check and so on, so i needed to make a script and convert it to a new .exe with some commands baked into it. I know there are many ways to achieve this but i decided to go with the free to use tool called Autoit. After installation run SciTE script editor Create your script, mine looks like this: 1. run("C:\Emulators\sharpx68000\xm6g.exe") - path to the original *.EXE 2. Sleep (900) - Give
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