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  1. Is there a collection place for easy access to mods. For say doom or quake. Dark places or gzdoom?? If not how can I make one
  2. matt_cece

    fable 1996

    I have a hard copy from back in the day. Works like a dream on my old computer. But that one died. Was win 98. Now have a gaming rig with win 10
  3. matt_cece

    fable 1996

    I have a old point and click game called Fable. From 1996 not new one made by Peter the fraud. Anyway I load game and it freezes in the first min. Anyone ever play this or have any ideas?? Thanks all
  4. matt_cece


    I must not be smart. I can not figger out how to put my scummVM Roms on my launch box. Also can not find a YouTube video for help. Help please.
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