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  1. Negative. Life got busy and I never found an affordable digital marquee. I might start looking again as I wonder if they are more available now.
  2. Both really, I just wanted to mess around with a few different designs. I really like and appreciate all the work you have done for sure though. They look awesome and sparked a few ideas of my own.
  3. @Jason Carr It will be a stretched LCD. Not a digital dot-matrix. So yes just a secondary monitor with a strange resolution. 16:3 aspect ratio I think. I have found these here and love them. I just wanted to know the easiest way to make them as I have a few platforms I would like to make and re-design some too. Or I wanted to see if I could achieve what I want within Launch Box already. A few themes support images in the marquee folder but I don't think they support multiple images from multiple folders with layering and such. Unless I just need to edit or make my own theme with that built in. I guess I was asking if Launch Box has the capability to pull multiple images from the folders I have and have them show up on the marquee without using the marquee folder as there are multiple images I would like to display. So basically a custom theme editor for the marquee screen. On another note, Thank You for building an awesome program, its freaking awesome.
  4. Maybe I'm not explaining this right. Any input on this @Jason Carr?
  5. Hello everyone, How hard would it be to make a custom theme for a digital marquee (secondary screen) in BigBox? I know currently it just uses the image from the marquee folder and if none exist there it pulls from the box art (Front) folder. However I am wanting to use multiple images from multiple folders with a custom background if possible. I am wanting to use the art from the box (front), clear art, and cart art but I don't want to make custom images for all my games and systems. Is this something that is currently possible or is it something that would need to be implemented by Jason? Does this make any sense to anyone? If I can I will try and draw it out better if needed.
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