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  1. Negative. Life got busy and I never found an affordable digital marquee. I might start looking again as I wonder if they are more available now.
  2. Both really, I just wanted to mess around with a few different designs. I really like and appreciate all the work you have done for sure though. They look awesome and sparked a few ideas of my own.
  3. @Jason Carr It will be a stretched LCD. Not a digital dot-matrix. So yes just a secondary monitor with a strange resolution. 16:3 aspect ratio I think. I have found these here and love them. I just wanted to know the easiest way to make them as I have a few platforms I would like to make and re-design some too. Or I wanted to see if I could achieve what I want within Launch Box already. A few themes support images in the marquee folder but I don't think they support multiple images from multiple folders with layering and such. Unless I just need to edit or make my
  4. Maybe I'm not explaining this right. Any input on this @Jason Carr?
  5. Hello everyone, How hard would it be to make a custom theme for a digital marquee (secondary screen) in BigBox? I know currently it just uses the image from the marquee folder and if none exist there it pulls from the box art (Front) folder. However I am wanting to use multiple images from multiple folders with a custom background if possible. I am wanting to use the art from the box (front), clear art, and cart art but I don't want to make custom images for all my games and systems. Is this something that is currently possible or is it something that would need to be implemen
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