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  1. Ok, just so you know if your artwork/videos are named for the game instead of the rom name this doesn't work. I'm going to just paste the post here that 'yamatetsu' posted for me in BYOAC. When I first read this I thought it was extremely over complicated and I almost dismissed it. After I actually did it, it was incredible simple. You'll need a text editor like Notepad ++ ... I think he actually made my first file for me but I later learned how with this. Notepad++ In his post he also explains how he used this batch file to test all his games out. For deleting all the artwork
  2. Hey Dude... Sure, no problem at all. A little tied up at the moment so let me get back to you tomorrow on this when I get a chance to dig up the info. I can't take credit for this. I had help from someone in the BYOAC forum a while back. I'll post all the info tomorrow night.
  3. I don't have any full screen issues with Winvice... If I need to go from joy1 to joy2 I just take one step to the right in front of my cabinet 😎 But also easy enough to set up a hot key like Zombeaver said.
  4. Must have been an issue with just copying the folder from one pc to the other. I had to do a reinstall to get the settings to save. As for the whining it seems to have disappeared with the new install. I still get a pop on boot and shutdown... I'll experiment with that later.
  5. CCS64 question. Now that I'm playing around with this emulator again... I remember why I stopped using it and went to Vice. This was a while ago but I remember having this same problem back in the day. There is a mild high pitched whine in the background while the emulator is running... and sometimes popping at times especially when closing. Anything is settings that may be able to stop this? I don't have this at all with WinVice Also now that I am messing with this in my cabinet I can't seem to get CCS to save settings. I change screen size/fast load etc. but after I shut
  6. Of course... I'm kind of baffled that I didn't think to do this as I use AHK for C64 already for games that use minimal keys. Trying this out but not having any luck yet. Good to know. I like this option. Like you said it wont be necessary for most. I think I've found roms for almost all games that boot directly to the game. The main ones that need interaction are the ones with cheat codes or docs... which I wont use much anyway. For games like that I have 2 versions and will mainly choose the one that boots directly. I hear about the C64 experience... I'd love to know my acc
  7. But the C64 cursor keys are the arrow keys on the keyboard. I'm not using game controllers... my setup is in a cabinet so my joysticks are mapped to the keyboard. Player one being the 4 arrow keys for the joystick. So when setup like this in Vice or CCS64 they wont function as the cursor keys because they are mapped to the joystick. I suppose I can just map a couple player 3 or 4 buttons for this task with AHK... I do this already to assign key functions to player buttons for certain games. How would I map the cursor keys? For example if I want my player 1 button one which is mapped as A
  8. Hey thank you. Considering getting one of these. I have no experience with a second monitor for marquee... If I wanted to for systems without marquees can I have some sort of video or animation playing instead of a static picture?
  9. Can you give some details on that disc playlist type option? I'm running this in a cabinet and looking for the easiest way of disc swapping. Is this what the 'Fliplist' thing is? You have me looking into CCS64. I used this many years ago... probably my first 64 emu before I went with Vice. I definitely like the max speed option. Is there a way to have not put the banner across the middle of the screen announcing the fast load every time it uses it? One thing I'm liking better about CCS64 is that in Vice some D64 games don't load unless drive settings is set to '1541-II' and 'True
  10. Cool, mine is about 29X7. You did say over at BYOAC that they cut this to size, correct? Also, China is pretty big... can you elaborate, please
  11. Nice cabinet :-) Can you post the actual dimensions of your marquee monitor... and a link to where you bought it? I didn't realize you could get something like that in a custom size. I made the transition myself from HS a while back. So much happier... none of the old problems! I have recently incorporated RocketLauncher back in the mix though for 'Pause' and 'Bezel' support.
  12. Thank you much.... I had this feature disabled in BB>options>Game Menu All good now!
  13. Thank you. I should have been more specific. While this worked great in LB... I should have mentioned that is for my cabinet... running Big Box. I don't see any way to select a second app there. I was hoping something would be in the selection screen after choosing the game but nothing.
  14. Working on my C64 system. I have various versions for many games. Some that boot instantly into the game and others that have the crack intros with options like documentation or cheats. I'll mostly want to just boot directly into a game but occasionally I may want to use a cheat or whatever. Is there a way that after you click on a game that you can select a specific rom to use before launching? Or will I simply have to make multiple entries for those particular games?
  15. I'm running Winvice for my C64. For player one in my cabinet the joystick is mapped to the cursor keys. Player 2 is mapped to number pad 2,4,6,8 For some of the C64 games when they are launched they include documentation that you can scroll through. The problem is that you need the up and down cursor keys to do so. This is an issue because for my P1 joystick to that uses the cursor keys to function I have to have 'Enable joy keys' ticked in the options. When that is ticked the cursor keys do not function as keyboard inputs. Is there a way to map the keyboard cursor keys to
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