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  1. what file syncing software do you use?

    That's a damn good question buddy!!! Because I was mixing up my software! LOL.... Sorry, SyncToy is what is giving me troubles... Freefilesync was on my radar of options to try so I guess that is what mixed me up. I will give that a shot later today.
  2. what file syncing software do you use?

    Freesync never worked for me. Tried it a few years ago and actually just a few hours ago before I saw this post. Does did a clean install of windows 7 and thought I'd try it again but same issue. When running in 'Echo' mode... which is what I would use 99% of the time... It does not sync deletes. It will copy new files from my left to right folder but wont replicate deletions. Some searching reveals that this has been a very common issue since day one but MS never seemed to care. Why is works for some and not others is a mystery.
  3. what file syncing software do you use?

    As the topic says.... Need to be able to sync and update from PC to NAS and occasionally external drives.
  4. A variety of questions

    Great, that got her... and at the same time for whatever reason pressing my select button now allows me to skip the intro. Thank you!
  5. A variety of questions

    I need to head out so I'll have to mess with this more later. But not having luck with the whole intro video thing. I stuck a 2 minute video in there. Tried every key on the keyboard. It played the whole video.... 10x + what it needs to launch BB. The random video thing isn't working for me either. I tried multiple videos in the original videos folder... wont play anything except a file named exactly 'startup' created a folder called 'Startup'.... moved the files from the default folder to this new folder.... plays nothing.
  6. A variety of questions

    Ahhh, gotcha on the sound. I foresee me substituting custom sounds for the startup/navigation :-) As for skipping the intro... perhaps the computer I'm testing this out on isn't launching BB faster than the length of the video. I'll swap it out for a longer one later and see what happens. Thanks again.
  7. A variety of questions

    Well, nothing working for me except the audit page so far... I just had to do a 'ctrl-c' for the copy.... no option when I right click. As for skipping the intro... not working. I hit my main select button as well as return... then basically every key there is... no stopping it. As for eliminating the 'Welcome to Big Box' sound byte... I renamed the 'Startup' sound file and it regenerated a fresh one with the original name.... There is also nothing for this in tools>options.... actually don't see the word 'sound' anywhere in options.
  8. A variety of questions

    3. Cool thanks... I think I simply tried the joystick. 3.1 Ok, I was assuming it had to be called 'startup'' and would only use that one. 3.2 Simple enough.... I'll also check for the option like neil9000 said. 5. Sounds good. Thanks guys! I'll some more research on the mame.xml thing and post if I have any luck. Only other thing left is finding that favorites icon....
  9. A variety of questions

    For some reason the copy and paste wasn't working for me before. 4. I'll have to give that another shot. 6. As for the default theme image folder I don't see it in there. I literally looked in every folder before this post.,,,
  10. A variety of questions

    I thought about that when I posted it, lol.... Maybe I'll split it into separate posts later!! It doesn't look so bad on a computer where I typed it... if you are reading a phone though... I'd have probable skipped it myself!... but forums aren't for phones!!!
  11. A variety of questions

    No answers on this? I can understand if no one has an answer for the 1st question but the rest? I assume that the answer is probably no for the rest except maybe #5 but a confirmation would be cool so I wont worry about figuring it out if it can't even be done....
  12. Bally Astrocade Clear logo

    While I appreciate the guys effort I'd prefer to have the original boxart artwork for my C64 collection... and clear logos based on the original work. He basically made a template and is filling in the names. I know there is an insane amount of games for the C64... even more than MAME I think. There was time where I would obsess about having complete collections but now I just focus on have a complete set of what I will actually play. I have about 200 MAME roms and 60-70 or so C64. These smaller numbers makes the task of acquiring top quality art for everything doable. I've made some scans like I said from my personal collection and have uploaded some here.... and will do upload more in the very near future. Others I've acquired through Google and such and have touched up (to the best of my limited ability with GIMP). Hopefully I'll be able to get it 100% soon.
  13. Anyone using LEDBlinky?

    Yeah Arzoo is great for tech support. Also make sure you download the PDF manual. I've downloaded countless pieces of software over the years and he has one of best, easiest to follow, up to date manuals I've ever seen. Also check out this guys 5 part series on setup for it. Very informative. Wish it existed 6-7 years ago when I first used it! https://youtu.be/opu6NofnyWg
  14. A variety of questions

    Good Morning.... a few questions here... #1 I updated from mame 147 to 195. LEDBlinky requires a mame.xml ...when I generate it, it's 212 meg... previous one for 147 was still 133meg. I know these will get smaller the further back you go but I need a more current version of mame for certain games. Can I generate a file based on the roms I actually have? I only have a little under 200 The big problem is since it's so big if I have LEDBlinky preload it then it throws my light timing off for the initial LB launch. If I don't preload it the first time I select the MAME platform it must wait until then to load because my lighting is thrown off for a good 30 seconds at that point. If I had an xml for only what I need it would probably be under 5 meg. #2 I'd like to compare artwork on many of my games as I also use a lot of custom artwork that I either modified myself or stuff that is not going to be scraped. So when I go to a folder like 'Box 3D' for example in image view, and want to compare what is there. Its a PIA when LB has files in the root folder, North America, United States, World, Etc. Is there a way to prevent it from using these folders? While on the subject of the image folder scheme... is there a way to eliminate folders and keep them gone? For example for console systems there is no use for any of the 'Arcade' folders and ...with Arcade there is no use for many of the 'Box' and 'Cart' folders. This is just added clutter that gets in the way us OCD people!! I've deleted these folders but they are just regenerated by LB. #3 Is there a way to stop the intro video if desired? In Hyperspin simply hitting any control would cut the intro short and go straight into launch. I plan on using various intros maybe as long as a minute and sometimes I just want the thing to boot up instead of watching the intro... #3.1 Any way to have multiple intro videos used randomly? #3.2 Is there a way to eliminate the "Initializing Big Box" speech? Using LEDBlinky I insert my own speech upon start up... kind of interfere with each other. #4 Is there any way to print or save a game audit screen? #5 Is there any way to combine platforms? What I'm thinking is specifically Daphne/Arcade(MAME) since Daphne games are actually arcade games. I'll probably only use 2 or 3 Daphne games and it would actually be more convenient to just have them listed under arcade with my MAME games. So... possible to have games in the same platform use different emulators? #6 Is there any way to change the 'favorites' icon? It looks like a deck of Bicycle playing cards. I think I can definitely come up with something better to put in its place. I think that is it for the moment... thanks for any help.
  15. Bally Astrocade Clear logo

    That is awesome!! People like you are a great credit to this hobby. Any chance Commodore 64 is on the radar? After MAME this will be the 2nd most used system in my cab... maybe around 60 games. I may be able to help with a little bit of artwork. I had a pretty decent collection at one point of Bally and C64 games. Did some box art, manual and cart scans before I sold most of it... Most of my collection was NIB quality.