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  1. Where do I place the background to replace the cube background?
  2. Yeah, this is what’s happening . D2124817-F61D-4844-9BD6-1CEE08186E07.MOV
  3. I got that to work thank you. As you can see from the picture above , it is showing the wrong marquee for the game selected. I will have to try and figure that out.
  4. Also it is leaving up the wrong marquee when a game is selected , this happened in HyperMarquee as well in HS.
  5. That worked! This is awesome , one more nail in the coffin for HS. Question? I am trying to adjust the image a little down on some of the marquees , or maybe just fill . What adjustment is that? I was playing with some of the ones stated but I received errors so obviously I messed something up. Also, can the marquee be up while the game is being played ?
  6. Yeah , I searched on Alibaba.com for a LCD maker , I narrowed it down to a few companies and I ended up with http://www.rcstarsgroup.com/ they took a 28 inch LCD and cut it down to my specs.
  7. So I copied and pasted this xml into my gamesMarqueeView.xml file and saved it in my default theme. I startup BigBox and nothing changes , when I go back to the file it is not changed at all . Maybe this is a permission issue ?
  8. Thanks . My LCD is 26 " wide and 6" High. I got it direct from China for 600.00 .
  9. Outstanding work! Im another Hyperspin defector . This really is great . I installed Unified today , I am getting the default graphics on this screen. I'm not sure what I did wrong. The other picture is from my favorites , I already customized the cabinet to show the name of my cabinet ! so cool.
  10. Noob here . I just switched over from Hyperspin and I have a Custom LCD for my marquee , and I am getting the marquees cutoff as well . I imagine this will help my problem as well ?
  11. Hi noob here I just switched to BB from Hyperspin , I also have a wide Marquee screen , did this ever get worked out ? I hope I can get this yocwitk otherwise maybe I switched over too early .
  12. So I have been setting up my machine today , and so far I am very impressed with the transition . I already have my custom video on startup and some of the wheels setup , my first question is on Bigbox startup after the intro video I would like it to go straight to the view platforms mode . Right now it starts on Platform categories. Howe do I get it to start on Platforms? Thanks
  13. Thank you for the heads up. I have already purchased the premium version so I am good to go.I went all in.
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