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  1. Thanks, I'll get in touch with them via pm.
  2. Yup, usually emu artwork is in creative commons license but I could not find any info on artwork threads. I though maybe the creators share this information while uploading their stuff at the site. I want to use some stuff in my themes but unsure of the status. Are you serious?
  3. Hi, can someone please guide me about the licenses of artwork shared here, like is it mentioned on a specific page? I checked thoroughly (Nostalgia Platform Set) but couldn't find anything related to its license. Thanks.
    This dude (viking) should get some emulation community award because his work is the best, top of the line I've seen. This set is absolutely gorgeous and includes every perceivable platform/ playlist/ genre imaginable. Thanks a lot for all the effort you have put into this set!
    Exceptionally well done platform set, Kudos to viking and others for putting all the effort. Includes almost every platform which is a huge plus!
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