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  1. Hey guys... i was wondering if anyone can direct me on how to setup NesicaxLive games on launchbox. Is there a tutorial out there on how to set this up in launchbox.? Thanks in advance.!
  2. Just wanted to post an update on this... i completely removed VLC from my pc and i no longer have any issues with launchbox. It boots up quicker, no halts nothing.. It runs perfectly... THanks everyone!
  3. yeah i wished there was a way to set the controller priorities. it would make life so much easier.. i was hoping buying two different generations of controllers would solve that problem..
  4. what emulator and config is everyone using to emulate Nintendo triforce and games on launchbox. i cant get mine to work..
  5. Hello. i have an arcade cabinet with 4 controllers(2 xbox one and 2 xbox 360 brook universal). The usb port assignments/priority seem to change after power cycles. This causes chaos for some emulators as the Player 1\2 seem to alternate with all 4 controllers. is there away to statically assign these?
  6. Mine does seem to crash on the first enitial boot up. It loads up and gets stuck. i would have to end task it. It works fine the second time... anyone seen that?
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