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  1. I am thinking it may be a very simple thing that I am not aware of and will be embarrassed about when I find out.
  2. It's not a theme issue. I will load up some pics after dinner. Thanks again Chris
  3. I am confused I must say. I'm not the best with computers but I do try and have put in a lot of effort with this. Thank you all very much for trying to help, I appreciate it greatly. Regards, Chris
  4. Thank you for the suggestion but they aren't marked as hidden or broken. For example if I go to my N64 selection on Launchbox I can click on a game select edit and it is not marked as hidden or broken yet in BigBox the N64 category is not even showing
  5. Yes they are. I have access to all my platforms and games in Launchbox but not in Bigbox. Thank you for trying to help me. Regards, Chris
  6. Thank you for your reply. I am using Criticalcids Unified Theme. Do you mean games for that system? If so then yes I have many games. Thank you for taking an interest Chris
  7. Hello Launchbox community. Sorry for being an incredible Neeeewwwwwb. Basically when I load Bigbox it only shows about half of the platforms that I have. If somebody could point me in the right direction as to what the potential issue could be that would be appreciated. For example I can see Super Nintendo but not Megadrive/Genesis or Atari Lynx. I thank you all in advance for your help. Regards, Chris
  8. Thanks again Lordmonkus for your help. All the arcade games look so much better now with scanlines etc. I went back and checked my older version of MAME 0.181a and the ini file was also in a subfolder but that loaded fine. The difference with that version was I did not have any arcade artwork or scanlines or effects etc. All the best, Chris
  9. Thank you Lordmonkus. The mame.ini file was in a subfolder. Kindest regards, Chris
  10. Thank you for your reply neil9000 I'm quite confused and not sure where the problem lies. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue is and ways in which to solve it? Like I mentioned, when loading the roms directly via mame 1.92 I have scanlines and effects applied along with the relevant arcade cabinet artwork. However when i load the roms through launchbox the scanlines and effects are missing yet i still have the relevant arcade cabinet artwork. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Kind regards, Chris
  11. Hello all, Thanks for the amazing community. I love Launchbox and have used it to get into Arcade games as well as literally everything else. Unfortunately when I load up MAME 1.92 through Launchbox the scanlines and effects applied to the individual games are missing. The bezel art shows up but the aforementioned scanlines and effects are missing. When I load the games directly through MAME everything works perfectly. If you guys could point me in the right direction in solving this it'd be really appreciated! Kind regards, Chris
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