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  1. I'm looking for recommendations for company/sites who do custom artwork design and print for the cabinet I'm building. The custom artwork may include some actual custom design, not just a new collage with existing artwork. All recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Thanks Retro808, I've submitted the request and can be found here for anyone looking to upvote it. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6104/attract-mode-option-to-play-loop-video-s.
  3. Thanks Mr. RetroLust, i've added this as a feature request. Anyone that would like to see this option should go upvote it to increase chances of implementation https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6104/attract-mode-option-to-play-loop-video-s. I've linked back to your post for additional visibility to your themes, thanks for the great work!
  4. Is it possible to change attract mode to loop a video rather than scroll through random games?
  5. Is there a way to loop a video for attract mode over the default function of scanning through games? I think PaDeMoNiuM's Arcade Neon Deluxe startup video would fit well in this capacity.
  6. I saw that but wasn't sure if it was a valid site/resource based on some of the reviews. I'll definitely check it out as well, netplay does have some appeal and wondering what games I may be missing out on based on the nofiller v2 list I'm currently working with. Thanks again.
  7. Ok, so it sounds like you're telling me I'm over thinking this and recommend stop spinning my wheels and move forward with 0.231 and mame-current core...time can be better spent on other tasks. Thanks for the assist guys.
  8. I have MAME 0.231 working both independently and within LaunchBox, but i'm trying to get RetroArch working in LB using mame-2003plus core. Any suggestions in the noob tutorial i've already completed successfully. Perhaps I'm not asking the correct questions. I want to utilize the latest rom sets for the updates which is why I downloaded 0.231 full non-merged set. Should my focus be on "rollback" to 0.78? If so, do I only need the rollback 0.231 set compared to the upgrade packs that require each iteration?
  9. I've been having a loooong standing issue getting my mame games running in LaunchBox, took a long break and now I'm back at it determined to make this work. To start fresh and skip the old details: I recently downloaded the new 0.231 non-merged romset. To keep things simple for troubleshooting, I picked ~30 games and got them to work in mame 0.231. I reinstalled RetroArch and downloaded the mame 2003 plus core and scan directory only would find 4 games. I figured this out by performing a manual scan and it found all the games in the directory, Appears to be a RA bug,
  10. I hate threads that don't close properly, here's what fixed everything: I apparently couldn't figure out how to use the split rom set properly. I switched to non-merged and all the major issues I was having with games starting with the RetroArch mame core resolved. To give just a bit of background to the issue I mentioned previously about not cluttering the thread if it was going to continue. In short, I had to re-image due to unknown factors and I chose software and data wipe to be 100% clean. ONce that was complete and all software was loaded back up issues persisted. I foun
  11. Ok, this works now. Not sure that I saw the dll blocked windows, so I reinstalled Neon, received the blocked prompt, un-blocked the dll's and it worked. I'm using the 4:3 currently with a crazy old monitor and it looks great, can't wait until I purchase a new monitor for the cabinet and switch to the 16:9. Great work and thanks for the prompt response.
  12. I installed the neon bigbox theme and the srartup theme per the instructions and I don't see either of the new themese applied although they both said applied...am I missing something?
  13. I haven't found this info yet. Is there a way to obtain a list of game names that match the actual rom for a name set? I'm using non-merged 0.222. Appreciate a point in the right direction.
  14. Ok, i figured out the mame-current core not installing issue...i highly doubt the fix will apply to anyone else so I will not clutter this thread with that info. The core does install via RetroArch and I see the # next to it finally. Unfortunately, scanning the ROM folder still does not list any games and I do not see the option to add the mame-current core when I edit the RetroArch emulator in LB. I don't claim to have a solid understanding of any of this yet, could this be due to using a split ROM set and I just read something about needing a bios/device set for split sets?
  15. Wow, thanks for your ninja fast reply. I must be doing something wrong. I download the Mame-Current (mame-libretro.dll) core previously, but it pulls down a zip file and an empty Core folder. If I extract the zip which appears to have the .dll within, it fails with an unexpected error...this happens on 2 pc's which is why i started looking at other cores.
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