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  1. Marquesas HTTP Server

    Small Footprint HTTP Server Plugin for LaunchBox. 
    Example Uses
       * Display the current game marque full screen on a seperate system such as a tablet or smart phone.
       * View the current game manual on a seperate system such as a tablet, laptop, smart phone.
       * Retrieve LaunchBox and game information through a standard HTTP JSON API.
       To install unzip and copy the MarquesasServer folder into your LaunchBox/Plugins folder.
       The server will begin running whenever LaunchBox is started. The first time you run 
       it with the plugin a Windows security dialog will pop up asking if you want to allow 
       it to connect to the network. You will need to select one of the two options presented, 
       the option "Private networks, such as my home or work network will suffice". Once in
       LaunchBox you will see a new "Marquesas Server Admin" option under the Tools menu to
       manage the server. The server can then be accessed from any computer, phone, or tablet
       located on (or with access to) the same network as the machine running LaunchBox/BigBox.
    Auto Refreshing Web Pages
       These pages (specifically the Marque page) were designed to be brought up on a separate
       computer such as an old tablet to display the marque of the game currently being played
       in BigBox. It is recommended that the page be loaded and then the browser set to full
       screen (kiosk) mode. In most browser on Windows you can toggle kiosk mode by hitting F11
       when in your browser. Each page will refresh automatically every few seconds to insure
       that the game being played will be reflected in the browser.
       Works via a standard HTTP interface allowing the retrieval of HTML pages for the current
       game. Any *ImagePath property can be retrieved from the IGame object
       (Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.Data.IGame.*) by specifying /Image/ followed by the Image
       descriptor (the part preceeding ImagePath)
       * /Image/Back
       * /Image/Background
       * /Image/Box3D
       * /Image/Cart3D
       * /Image/CartBack
       * /Image/CartFront
       * /Image/ClearLogo
       * /Image/Front
       * /Image/Marque
       * /Image/PlatformClearLogo
       * /Image/Screenshot
       * /Manual
    JSON API for retrieving
       * /StateManager (Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.PluginHelper.StateManager)
       * /StateManager/IsInGame
       * /StateManager/* (Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.PluginHelper.StateManager.*)
       * /SelectedGames (Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.Data.IGame)
       * /SelectedGames/* (Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.Data.IGame.*)
    JSON API for retrieving raw binaries
       * /Binary/ScreenshotImage
       * /Binary/FrontImage
       * /Binary/MarqueeImage
       * /Binary/BackImage
       * /Binary/Box3DImage
       * /Binary/BackgroundImage
       * /Binary/Cart3DImage
       * /Binary/CartFrontImage
       * /Binary/CartBackImage
       * /Binary/ClearLogoImage
       * /Binary/PlatformClearLogoImage
       * /Binary/Application
       * /Binary/Configuration
       * /Binary/DosBoxConfiguration
       * /Binary/Manual
       * /Binary/Music
       * /Binary/ScummVmGameDataFolder
       * /Binary/Video
       * /Binary/ThemeVideo
    See the default index (LaunchBox->Tools->Marquesas Server Admin->Ellipses) for direct links and detailed information.
    Source: https://github.com/fpdavis/MarquesasServer


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  2. Quote Of The Day

    LaunchBox plugin to display a Quote or Bible Verse on application start
    To install from zip file, just unzip into your LaunchoBox\Plugins folder. Once installed you should have a LaunchBox\Plugins\QuoteOfTheDay folder.
    Once installed when you launch LaunchBox or BigBox you will be presented with a quote as soon as the application starts. The quote will stay on the screen for several seconds before disappearing. Clicking on the quote or hitting a key will dismiss it immediatly. Under the LaunchBox Tools you will find a "Quote Of The Day Settings" option. This will allow you to configure and test several options including colors, how long the quote is shown, and what type of quote to show.


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