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  1. Ya I saw this and thought it was a interesting solution. On FB I saw mention of scheduling a task to essentially restart bigbox at pre defined intervals but I was not entirely sure how that one goes. I am sure it is not too difficult and that user claims it solves their issues. I like the restart option better since I have the supporting settings to allow the machine to boot up into bigbox without intervention. I use Moonlight to stream the machine in other areas of the house and I also occasionally use another restart option if I happen to land on a game that is having issues. It seems like there could be a few work arounds. I know it would be nice to fix but that is a long road to get there.
  2. Just a suggestion. I will leave it up to you guys to determine if this is a viable solution. It seems there could be many factors to chase here. It would seem there is a workaround for some. I see mention of using AHK scripts or scheduled tasks. Maybe consider utilizing one of the workarounds as a optional feature in later releases? You could still chase this trouble but for those who are less technically inclined that may provide a more attractive choice. For example I have chased this one for a while. I get a crash usually around 48 hrs in attract mode and I have ever since it was introduced. I am not suggesting my solution is a good one as it has some security concerns but my setup is a dedicated arcade machine that I could remove from my network if I had any security concerns. I currently have my machine setup to boot directly into windows and skip any login. It will then launch bigbox at startup. I created a batch file with the windows restart command and used the task scheduler to scheduled it at 5am every morning when I am sure nobody will be on the machine. It works like a charm and helps clean up any other potentially problematic software that you sometimes run into with a machine running for long periods like steam for example. I see other mentions that may be easier to utilize as an option. Perhaps allowing the scheduling of bigbox to shut down and start up at different periods. Obviously this may not provide a good solution for those who crash less than 24hrs but perhaps a suggestion to consider including a work around in a future release for those who don't want to chase software issues. I feel like most of those who have this issue are of the post 24hr variety but obviously not all are. I am sure there are those way smarter than me who are using different work arounds that could be viable options that bigbox could control. Just a suggestion from a fellow nerd.
  3. Just an update. I did find a fix. I was following along with some of the other errors mentioned In other topics here. I did notice a few graphic anomalies along with my errors. I may try to troubleshoot this more later but I found downgrading to 11.2 cures all my issues with unified theme. For now I am just disabling updates. This is great community and I do love the software despite the recent trouble. Thanks again for all the help and if I find any other solutions I will share. You guys are top notch and thanks for helping me out.
  4. One other interesting phenomenon I noticed is the shortcuts I pinned in the windows 10 start menu for bigbox and launchbox disappeared after this update. The normal shortcut applied in the app list are there I am just referring to the shortcuts manually created into the windows tiles section when using the pin to start option. Obviously I can add those back just thought it was odd behavior considering how many previous upgrades to bigbox I have applied with no issue. I have no other missing icons or malfunctioning software that I am aware of. Functionality inside of launchbox itself is as expected. Just figured I would add that detail incase this is something seen before or provides any clues to the odd behavior seen or perhaps related to any supporting software applied in the update.
  5. I am using the themes manager inside of bigbox.
  6. I did just now try removing then installing unified redux 1.8. I have the same error mention earlier referring to line 326.
  7. The error refers to quotes in the XML if I am following along correctly. Would it be possible to backup these files and edit the errors called out here on the lines mentioned? I am a long time user of this software. Would it be possible that is a factor as well? I do not recall which version of bigbox I started with but I have had the same install since before version 9 and perhaps even further. I am also using the new playlist sub categories introduced a while back where you have all games favorites region ect. The unified theme will work up to the point you enter a section that includes games. For example I could browse lets say the nintendo category and sub categories but after clicking all games where you would expect the list of games to appear you will instead get this error. I have a few custom made playlists with no sub categories that immediately error once the game wheel is loaded. I know that may seem obvious by the error. I hope I am describing this clearly just tossing out some ideas and looking for some guidance.
  8. I believe so. When I just checked I am using unified 1.2 and unified redux is 1.8. Both say it is the latest version.
  9. My apologies. I just changed to unified redux and I get a new error.
  10. it appears to default to a factory theme when this error pops up. while in that game wheel it will work after you close this error message but the unified theme no longer works after you enter a game wheel or category. I was really hoping to find a solution to keep the unified theme working since I like it much better than all the other themes. I like the unified theme so much I would pursue downgrading or reinstalling 11.4 to get it back and just never upgrade again. I hope I am not the only one who is experiencing this or feels this way.
  11. Ever since I have upgraded to 11.5 my game wheels crash with the following error. Bigbox has been very stable up to this point and this issue happens on all playlists. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using the unified theme in bigbox 11.5
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