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  1. Yeah, I tried that. it still builds a 52GB file
  2. It was in this video: But the full video mentions only being able to do the giant one...
  3. oh ok. I was watching the how-to video on launch and it looked like they were doing smaller custom sets. They demonstrated it using like 5 games
  4. Even if I just select a single small MAME game, it tries to export a 52GB file... is this normal?
  5. Is it too late to import and move now on the desktop?
  6. gonna go read through more tutorials. Hoping I only have to do this once now.
  7. yeah, the time suck is in the images and videos. So, copy the ROMS and Emulators to the new computer. Install Launchbox. Copy the images and videos from the old Launchbox (which folders are these I need to get?). Fire it up, import the ROMs but uncheck all the image stuff and it should use the old images?
  8. my ROMS and Emulators are in a different folder.
  9. I'm building my LaunchBox library on my desktop, but I want to eventually take it all and also put it on my laptop so I can bring it with me. How would I go about taking all the work I've done here and simply moving it to my laptop?
  10. yeah, for an emulator choice in Launchbox, I'm just using mame. I have MameUI on my computer. I didn't realize I could use that as the emulator as well in Launchbox.
  11. I'm using Mame 161 to match my romset.
  12. aha. was looking in the toolbars for it. thank you. Now I just need to figure out how to get it to go to monitor 2 (which Windows has as my main monitor) keeps launching on Monitor 1 which is my secondary monitor.
  13. Awesome. it works now, just displaying on the wrong screen How do I go back and populate more media files? I only chose the Box Front.
  14. Someone said it was in the general settings. Is it only in Big Box Premium?
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