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  1. I apologise for my awkward title, I don't speak computer. I might mean 'file mask' but I might not. Basically, on a music database such as MediaMonkey you can customise how the program scans the file path to infer properties. For example, "01 - Summer Nights.mp3" would ordinarily scan as the title "01 - Summer Nights". However, using a string such as "<Track#> - <Title>" will put "01" into the track number field, and the title is a nice clean "Summer Nights". I am currently having the issue that all my NDS ROMs have a 4-digit string at the start of them, and when LaunchBox is scanning them it thinks that number is part of the title. Obviously, it then fails to fetch the metadata completely. Renaming 800-odd files is impractical and undesirable, so I was wondering if a feature like the one I described above could be implemented? I apologise if it already is, since it seems like a straightforward thing to include, but I can't see any reference to it. Cheers, and all the best.
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