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  1. I think I sorted it out, I remembered I had a similar problem with diablo 2, so I did what I did with that and I think it worked. In case anyone wanted to know how I got it to work, I made a shortcut to the game with -w -nofixaspect added to target in properties and then launched it direct from the shortcut. I have no idea now why dosbox helped at all ever. Sorry for wasting your time everybody.
  2. I get a dosbox window with the game mounted if that's what your asking. sorry I had a dumb moment, I'm testing the batch through launchbox.
  3. With start no game window, without it I get nothing at all.
  4. It's not mounting the game, it seems like the game needs to be mounted. when I drop the mageslay.exe onto the dosbox icon it starts displaying lines of code that get added as actions are performed ingame, this dosen't happen when I use the batch file.
  5. I changed it back to the way I had it before and it's throwing the same error
  6. That didn't work, mageslayer crashed with a fatal error an gave a code address of c00005
  7. Will Mageslayer still be able to access DOSbox for code interpretation when a map transition occurs? DOSbox has to stay open the whole time Mageslayer is running will this close DOSbox and leave Mageslayer open?
  8. oh sorry it's early where I am. D:\Games\Mageslayer\DOSBoxPortable\DOSBoxPortable.exe
  9. D:\Games\Mageslayer\mageslay.exe is the full path if you need it for anything. Are you cafting me a batch file?
  10. It stays open. There is a "wait on exit." toggle does that work for fixing that?
  11. Thank you syntax_X, that worked for me, I had no idea launchbox could do that, I got it in a drawing and don't alot about it's functions. This has been a real learning experience for me. Thank you everyone for your time.
  12. It is a Windows 95 game, however a lot of Windows 95 games required a DOS window to be open while certain parts of the game are gotten to, in Mageslayer it is the map stitching that causes a hang when no DOS window is open. Windows 7 has no DOS anything whatsoever, same for XP, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10. So even though, mageslayer is not a DOS game per say, I do need DOSbox open while I play it, for it to function normally.
  13. thank you. at least now I know there is hope. I would search it but I'm realy bad at turning things into valid google searches.
  14. Hello, I would like to launch Mageslayer through Launchbox, however I have a slight issue, The map stitching in Mageslayer requires a dos propt window to be open, DOSbox cannot launch this game. Leaving DOSbox open seems to work favorably, however DOSbox closses upon opening Mageslayer this way through Launchbox. Is there a way to suppress DOSbox from closeing when it realizes the game is not compatable?
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