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  1. at last someone gets it. I was complaining of extraordinary ram usage from just selecting games, and everyone was like no idea what your talking about. thanks so much for this
  2. Hmmm, I'm on the default theme, so looks like I'm gonna have to do some experiments.
  3. Weird. I have the blur function on could it be that? Or the fact it's a portable instillation on an external HDD (7200) ?
  4. It's version 10.11. but like I say this has been happening for a long time, including v9. I think you may have confused the issue, regardless of playlists or not, I'm just talking about literally selecting games, with a single left click on the mouse, or ctrl clicking a few, not within a playlist. (my example was to then add to playlists but it could be for any reason like mass editing etc). FYI none of the playlists are auto generated anyway, (Edit: I just did an experiment and deleted all playlists and it still does it. If fact I also noticed whilst selecting games, Task manager not only shows the memory stacking up, but just selecting random games (this time I was actually using the "select random game" tool shortcut ctrl+alt+Q) the CPU was over 85% on my i5 7300HQ during the selections) My point is just clicking and looking at games seems to be taking up an unbelievably unreasonable amount of resources/overhead. which is obviously a huge concern, as then deciding to run a game after looking at a few, even with 16gb installed my game then has no Ram left to use!
  5. Hey all, Context: I have around 1500 games total in the library, and I use playlists to sort them into various chunks ("party night", "currently playing" etc). Action performed: just the act of highlighting games, or ctrl clicking several (before even adding or getting to any further action) eventually leaves launchbox unresponsive, slows my machine to a crawl, and ultimately shows the low memory error and launchbox force closes itself. (I have 16gb ram) A quick look at task manager shows that each select click is stacking approx 30-100mb to used memory, which is never flushed. meaning after 50~ish games have been clicked on the exe is showing over 6gb use. These are not new images either, they have already been cached as far as I can tell as scrolling through the games without selecting shows box art images instantly. So I presume the accompanying extra art is all being loaded in and kept? FYI this isn't specific to 10.1, as It's been happening for a few versions now. Is this normal behaviour? Cheers. B
  6. Hello knowledgeable peoples. I've been doing alot of admin today sorting games into playlists manually (via rightclick context menu) and I'm getting "your system is running out of memory (ram) and Launchbox cannot continue" After control clicking a handful of games Approx 100 games in a list of 533, task manager is showing ram usage of OVER 10GBs. presumably something to do with art cache? Is this normal? System: My laptop has 16gb ram (w10 - 1903) and a 4gb 1050ti. Launchbox is running from an external usb3 4tb seagate. Thanks in advance B.
  7. oh good idea, but that isn't an option for steam import. do i just try to import manually again then? does that affect steam games in any way? Thanks, BB
  8. Got a steam game that won't import and I'm mega confused. It parses at the import dialogue as normal, but then says "0 games were successfully imported". the only reason I can think is the first time I tried to import it, it wasn't recognised at all, (although it was in my steam library, I don't think it was in the database) , so I tried manually importing it as "none of the above" pointing directly to it's steam exe . I've since deleted it and now want to re-import properly. I've had a look through the xml's but can't find any remanence. Is there any other reason it wouldn't import? the game is question is called Rifter btw if that matters. thanks in advance. B
  9. Hey all, Grabbed a few games on steam recently and they were all detected/parsed in the import dialogue as normal, however one will not actually import. it's still detected when I go back though the motions but then I get "0 games imported successfully". Any clues? thanks, B
  10. Microsoft locked off access to the windowsapp folder that houses the .exe's, they don't put a shortcut in the menu either (this is how launchbox scans for other windows games). I don't know if they ever found a work around. you'll have to wait for Brad or Jason to confirm.
  11. Only 2 things from me; 1. Launchbox remembers the tick box settings for what media to import upon importing new roms, EXCEPT for the steam games import dialogue. presume it's a oversight as it's obviously possible in the other equivalent dialogues. 2. assignable key-commands/macros, for keys but hopefully for joypad too. Would really love a way to assign "choose random game" for example. B
  12. oh found it, it's an option in the options, (why isn't that on by default btw? ) anyways cheers for the heads up. B
  13. triggers don't scroll for me. Is it something i need to set up?
  14. hi all, Can't remember if this was in 'vanilla' LB but suddenly scrolling with a gamepad seems very hard to do. Analog stick is too sensitive to reliably grab the scroll bar (wired official 360 controller) and there seems to be no other way. Didn't we used to be able to hover the cursor over the edges (like map scroll in an RTS) ? or is it possible to assign anything? cheers in advance
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