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  1. Great news, thanks again for handling the fix so quickly. Happy to hear it went well
  2. @Jason Carr Agreed. To be fair, I was filling my 16GB of RAM to 100% which forced the OS to do some heavy memory swapping. That last bit exacerbated the issue way more than it should've (slugishness of the OS + CPU usage at max). So the reality is my use case was literally just that: extreme. That's why I try to refrain from offering any form of definitive "solution". There's other constraints you have to deal with that I have no clue of. That's without mentioning the matter of where you'll have to insert that code without it being hacky/incurring tech debt. Point being, I've had the easi
  3. Hey it's a pleasure too. In hindsight the bug is obvious (like a big chunk of bugs). It's this golden rule you really learn through time. If there's any form of "user-provided" data, it needs to be validated or else there's a big risk of a bug hiding there. I've been burnt by this I don't know how many times now. Anyways, I was lucky for one thing; code was in .NET so I could use simple tools to debug the thing and identify the bug (even with the obfuscation). It really makes me happy it could help somebody else. Now go enjoy launchbox!
  4. Tried it but it turns out it did not fix the issue but I have something better. I should say I have real good news. I found the culprit. You're not gonna get the answer without the story. I'll feel less like an idiot this way. So I sat down and actually started reverse engineering the Gaussian Blur async state machine. So I wanted to figure what the hell is going on, what is the class doing, why it needs so much memory and understand why is the Process method so compute heavy. After a while analyzing the class' state machine I realize there's the equivalent of these lines: /
  5. I did not realize that: A) It was such a small team B) That a dev answered Kudos for them holding the fort, mighty impressive I should say. Considering the amount of stuff it has going for it. On a more positive note I have a pretty good lead now. I just did a "fresh install" of Launchbox and the bug still triggers immediately on first launch (insane memory alloc + CPU at 100% + machine lag). There's definitely something on my machine that triggers the insane workload. That's actually really good news. It pretty much confirms my theory where an OS config I have is the source
  6. I'm close to the point of reinstalling the OS (Windows 10) but I know it would be useless considering the design of launchbox (portable app depending on little outside of its installed folder). Before attempting a useless OS reinstall, I wanted to debug one last time. After some debugging, I know for sure it has to do with the gaussian blur working overtime, the question is why. I can confirm it seems completely unrelated to drivers since the blurring process is done through regular .net libs. At least my impression. I'm a just bit frustrated since BigBox doesn't seem to have playlist su
  7. I updated drivers. I am also on the latest non-beta version (11.4 and can confirm, it's using .Net Core) I also tried with a different GPU. I was on a 1080Ti, ran DDU to uninstall the drivers completely/cleanly and swapped to a Vega 64. Same issue. Removed the drivers again using DDU and reinstalled the 1080Ti. From a code/programming perspective, when I'm activating the blur background (something other than 0), it's actually spamming the creation of the class GaussianBlur like crazy leading to the insane amount of memory allocation. Now as to why that is... code is obfuscated and re
  8. Bumping to ask if there is another spot in the forums to ask the question on the underlying bug. The feature is really nice and would like to keep it working and active. I could give remote access, run a debug builds, configure for remote debugging, etc. How do I ping a dev for it? Or even better if I can get to fix it myself. (it's only wishful thinking)
  9. I'm on 11.2 which seems to be the latest non-beta available. I thought the debug logs had that info, my bad. Turns out you were right by the way. Lowering the background blur to zero seems to fix it. I have less than 1GB in use after launch and loading. I must say though, I find it unfortunate since having the blurred backgrounds was pleasing from an aesthetic perspective. I'm wondering if I'd have another config that's causing the gaussian blur to be "re-processed" everytime the app launches. If not, I'm guessing it's making the filter asynchronously and caching the blurred image i
  10. Hi I've been having this issue for a while but I didn't care before because I was mainly using bigbox until recently. Not sure what's either causing it or how to fix it. Simply put, whenever I start launchbox, for a minimum of 4 minutes launchbox keeps my 3600x at a usage very close to 100% while also filling my memory to almost 95%. After it reaches that point having everything go in a a swap file). When it finally idles If I look at the windows resource monitor, it has around 16GB of commited memory. Here's a picture showing the physical memory usage of Launchbox (along with proba
  11. Thanks for the new update. I'm really enjoying your theme
  12. Sorry for reviving the thread but I was wondering if you had figured a better approach? I would've loved an automatic way to do it. Do you know if there is a way to program/customize importers? (Sometimes I wish it were open source) If not big thanks for the solution. It's elegant, simple and I feel dumb for not figuring it out earlier
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