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    Shared assets

    Oh really? Well that's weird... I could have swear it was crossplatform... I think I'm confused... But just for the sake of information, is it possible to do it between different PCs?
  2. AxlSR

    Shared assets

    Hey guys, a noob here, and I hope this won't be the last question... or yes maybe lol I recently stumbled upon Launchbox and it's a really nice piece of software, I'm impressed by it! Last night I gave it a quick try to have it with Retroarch running and it's surprisingly easy to configure, I think it's one of those software that I will have on startup! Anyway, sometimes at the office I have a lot of free time (I'm on my free time, actually) and I was thinking I should look for stuff for my Launchbox setup, so I thought about getting the assets for a couple of romsets I have while I'm in here. My original plan was to configure a Launchbox here at my office with all the boxarts and movies, and then bring all of that to my home PC, however, I don't have a clue if this would work, specially because my office runs Mac and I run PC on my home. So I wanted to ask if it's possible to do such thing? I would use the same romsets on both equipments. Thanks in advance!
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