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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Just a quick 3DS Interface sound pack, might use some of the other menu sounds to make more, idk.
  2. Nintendo 3DS View File Just a quick 3DS Interface sound pack, might use some of the other menu sounds to make more, idk. Submitter reon Submitted 12/01/2018 Category Big Box Sound Packs  
  3. I see, I'll be doing that moving forward and I'll separate the existing platforms first. I had planned on separating them after gathering images but it's been driving me nuts so I'll gladly separate the regions first
  4. Tried the refresh images thing but no dice. I also tried running LB in admin mode just in case it was some file permissions thing but the problem persisted. Is there a way to enable debug logs? I see the logs folder but it's always empty.
  5. I'll try that next time it happens, but I do want to point out that the game does "blink" (around 1:17) as if the cache was cleared (hitting F5 with a game selected appears to do the same thing). Question, does restarting lunchbox clear cache?
  6. Yeah at least for me, all the art work is already downloaded (which is why to fix it, I have to manually go into launchboxes images folders and delete them) but here's an example I found after getting back from work. It's hard to explain in writing but here's a minor example... While it's not the worst case I've run into since I can still add the Japanese box art myself and it will "stick" in this instance. Maybe there should be some sort of checkbox to "disable media auto management" per game and maybe even a global setting? edit: Just ran into this again and this video sh
  7. This has been happening to me constantly and it's super annoying... For example, right this second I'm editing "Teitoku no Ketsudan"(Japan) for Sega Genesis which is "P.T.O.: Pacific Theater of Operations"(USA). Both names are completely different but the Japanese version keeps having its Japanese box art overwritten and changed to the USA box art. No matter how many times I delete/replace it , as soon as I click "OK", it gets overwritten by the USA boxart. I can sometimes workaround the issue by messing with the name a bit, for example, if I name it "Teitoku no Ketsudan " (with an extra space
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