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  1. i think i got it working it was probily due to windows updates it seems to be working now
  2. Lunchbox is Throwing this error when importing Games
  3. ive updated my videocard drivers nand its working for now
  4. i think is trying to open apps that are on the destop
  5. and or sitting open for a few
  6. it only locks up after a game has been played yes it on my main hdd
  7. im having a problem with launchbox freezing up and i have to close it with the icon in the task bar then the i can restart launchbox any ideas to fix this problem
  8. what would cause this? in bigbox with the marquee enabled on the second screen
  9. worked thanks for your help
  10. what would cause this error
  11. vipermetcalf


    is there any way to have the boxart show on a second monitor of the game being played
  12. i thanks for the help i was use to having it on the top menu menu in older versions
  13. boxart box front inst populating correctly iv downloaded them three times
  14. how do i sync with the games database i dont see the feature inside launch box anymore
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