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  1. TI-99/4A

    Aware of that but this is now under abandonware.
  2. TI-99/4A

    Back in the 80's this was my first Computer that connected to a TV. This computer as long died and there are no parts to fix this machine. I know there are emulators as well as some that have some games built into it. If anyone knows of a good side to get these ROMS please share.
  3. Live Streams?

    The Answer to No Stream Monday
  4. My concern is piquing

    As long as it good things.
  5. There are many themes to choose from within Big box and each one offers a unique presentation. which one is your favorite or go to? If you could take elements from a few different themes and roll your own, which elements would you pick from what theme to make your ultimate Theme?
  6. Live Streams?

    Jason can you please give us advance notifications on Live Stream cancellation. We all have busy lives and I know things come up. Your streams take place while I am at work and try to adjust my schedule so i can join in and contribute to the group. Thanks
  7. MAME .186 build supporting Default Artwork

    I have always used bezels within MAME or Retroarch with great results. I don't know what benefit RL offers other than another layer between you and your games. If someone can share what's so great about RL perhaps i will consider looking into it. everything I use, LB is able to launch.
  8. MAME .186 build supporting Default Artwork

    if you have downloaded this build of MAME Here is my default artwork for Horizontal and Vertical games. horizont.zip vertical.zip
  9. i don't usually download or promote 3rd party builds of MAME outside of the Official Websites. but I ran across a build that has always been missing. Default Artwork with Zip Support Check out this you tube video. If you are looking for Realistic Bezels in MAME and you don't have them head over to the video below and grab these files. there are currently 7 parts with previews. *Note the Zip File contains various .ini files and these will not work on your machine unless you replace the paths with your own or add MAME Default. Look at your existing MAME.ini for the paths and backup your ini folder and mame.ini Once you have fixed the paths your games will look like the ones in the video. all the bezels are 1920X1080. if the game view is hidden or cut off by the bezel hit "~" key within the game and use the up and down arrow to navigate to vertical and horizontal Position and Stretch and tweak the settings. Here is the link to the project by John Merrit https://forums.libretro.com/t/arcade-overlays/4084 Happy Gaming
  10. Aeon Nox

    Sorry I am not familiar with the specs of a 4k monitor. I know it's 16:10 throws off the spacing. If I can emulate different ratios I will see what I can do to address future releases Thanks and sorry I cannot help perhaps someone in our community can advise
  11. Aeon Nox

    What is your display resolution set to? This was designed for 1920x1080 displays.
  12. Live Streams?

    Jason Please post the live stream schedule.
  13. ProjectTalk:- Bezels Bezels Bezels

    I am also a huge fan of bezels and have always had them in MAMe since they were implemented. Two Questions? has anyone added the realistic arcade MAME Bezels Are there config files for Retroarch bezels that apply the shading, Aspect Ratio view without having to tweak it within the UI for 1920 X 1080? How does this work with cores that support multiple systems? I haven't added bezels to consoles and handhelds yet. My focus has always been on the arcade side and any consoles games I played as is. Thanks.
  14. Matching Games to media

    DONS ROM renamer worked but needed the hyperspin database xml files since they have crc