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  1. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Looks like I need to beat up Beta 15. So far after removing the random Background video plugin i didn't experience the locking up. By the way are their any Retro achievements for BigBox?
  2. Silent BigBox Attract Mode

    Perhaps @Jason Carr can add an option when Attract Mode starts mute sounds and make it configurable. If I leave BB running I just Mute the Volume.
  3. Big Box Freeze Ups

    I pushed out a New version of Aeon Nox. I have removed the ao.theme dll plugin and reverted back the the single Background video. This really should be a feature of BigBox. Hope to see a resolution.
  4. Big Box Freeze Ups

    I Remove the reference to ao.theme.dll and viola no freeze up. Still testing
  5. Big Box Freeze Ups

    I will remove this from the Aeon Nox Theme as well and retest
  6. "Find" or "Sorty By" features

    Typically When you import ROMS that have multiple file types you will pick one type. I am guessing your using a computer system that is part of MESS (MAME64) that can play a Cartridge, Floppy Disk, Tape or CD. I have done with TI994a but i usually will just pick the cartridge.
  7. Big Box Freeze Ups

    I have changed my theme to use background fan art in stead playing a background video. Even though i choose to force populate the game wheel images. if i navigate by letter choose the letter S The Wheel is empty but i can navigate and see videos but if i wait a minute the images start to appear. I have also notice that Clear Logos load much quicker then box art. I have also notice that the vertical wheel performances better then the horizontal wheel. During Freeze up CPU is at 99% and then will return to 52%. If I turn off all videos which cheapens the experience the UI smother but still have issues with images repopulating. @Jason Carr can you look at background loading and Multi threading. My machine is setup to shell Bigbox instead of Windows 10. I notice a Lot of Reading of the HDD with the recent betas. Try this out. Create a New Windows 10 User Account something like BIGBOX 1. Press Window Key and the letter S to bring up windows Search 2. Type User Accounts and select Settings 3. select manage another account 4. Add a new user in PC setting 5. Add someone else to this PC 6. I don't have this persons sign-in information 7. Add user without a Microsoft Account 8. Create the user and leave the password blank if you want to just auto sign in 9. Click and follow the on screen instructions. Windows Auto Login to BigBox (make sure you have logged into the new account) * Warning we are about to modify the registry and it's only for the new user account created above 1) Open REGEDIT (start menu > run, and type in REGEDIT ). 2) go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. 3) add a new string value (Edit > New > String Value) called shell. and set the value to the path of the new shell to point to your bigbox executable e.g C:\Launchbox\bigbox.exe. 4) log out and log back in ta-da
  8. Big Box Freeze Ups

    I force populated the images and I now don't have any lag at the moment. Will continue to test. I didn't remove any plugins.
  9. Big Box Freeze Ups

    Thanks I will remove that later and and see if I still have the locking up.
  10. Big Box Freeze Ups

    Was that the plugin for embedded fonts?
  11. Big Box Freeze Ups

    Around the first round of 7.15 beta. Just before the introduction of retro achievements. It about the same VLC started to misbehave. That was the beginning of the video glitches as well. Aeon Nox uses two plugins. One I wrote for scaling text and date time. And the multi background video plugin. I have notice more freeze up with horizontal wheel vs the vertical wheel I you have a theme you like me to test let me know u can look at it tonight or tomorrow. Let me know if you see any freeze ups with Aeon Nox also test vertical vs horizontal. Thanks
  12. Big Box Freeze Ups

    Aeon Nox and city Hunter 2
  13. Big Box Freeze Ups

    I have been using BigBox for over a year and i have seen incredible advancements. This community has provided so much content and material that has really elevated this product. I have even contributed a Theme and Some plugins. With that said, I have notice that BigBox will Freezes up during navigation or between views. I do not have any issues with other programs or emulators. If anyone has suggestions of performance tweaks, kindly share them, Thanks
  14. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Did Autocorrect get the best of me. I meant UI.
  15. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Even though I have notice slow sluggishness with UI over the last few betas I want to shift focus a bit. For those of us developing themes are there any new fields that can be mapped to the UK? I am toying with the idea of reducing my collection down to a best of and seeing if less xml files speed things up. I also wonder if all those arcade playlists impact the ui.