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  1. wow im back 😛 .. the last backup of arcade.xml overwrote the corrupt one and so far so good .. whats the best way to avoid this corruption moving forward? really cant thank u enough for this amazing support . looks like i wil be LB life lol
  2. oh wow.. ok what is the process to restore from a backup and how were you ale to tell that im corrupted.. just curious what is required if backups dont work? ive attached a screenshot of backup folder but im praying i dont have to start from scratch :{ thanks again
  3. thanks Ahmad but im fully licensed.. Hi Jason. thanks for the offer i just msg u
  4. just updated my install to 11.6 from 11.5 and now the launch process freezes at Populating Games then closes .. had similar issue last week b4 11.5 update. tried reinstalling 11.3 over it but same issue. now reinstalled 11.6 again and same issue where it wont load past populating games :{ man im going to stop these updating or look for a new FE if they are going to be this volatile
  5. This is an amazing vertical theme. I have the 40 inch vertical cab from recroommasters. Your theme really shows it off. Any chance you also created cfg files for each system overlay to use as a platform default in retroarch? I'd love to play all my console games with the system overlays as a generic for each game. I dont see any vertical overlays for systems like u do for horizontal cabs. Thanks again
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