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  1. So I have it downloaded and I dont know what to do. I know where my file is loacted, but I do not know what do do with it.
  2. I have downloaded it. I guess my issue is I am new, and I am not sure whether I am downloading the actual game or just images. The game I am trying to play is Amazing Island and I click the add button in the bottom right, type in the game, and then press ok. Then there the game is on my screen, yet I am not able to play it.
  3. I downloaded launchbox today and I got the forever license. I downloaded dolphin and followed every step in the setup tutorial on the launchbox youtube channel, yet none of my gamecube games are playable. If I right click on any gamecube game, the play button is grayed out. LoL and Overwatch are the other two games I have on Launchbox and they work. Please help. I have seen nobody else have this issue. Thanks for help in advance!
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