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  1. Thanks DOS76, so I guess that japanese stuff would be hard to handle. This is OK, im not very interested in Japanese roms (just some few games). Problem is that there is also a lot of media missing for USA/Europe games. I've tried to use my Hyperspin media copied into the Launchbox Images directory and is not recognizing any. As Hyperspin media is based in No-Intro naming, they have different file names. For example in the SNES Clear logo directory: - Hyperspin media file: Super Metroid (Japan, USA).png - Downloaded Launchbox media file: Super Metroid-01.png So considering that I have a great collection of media in Hyperspin format naming, should I rename all the files manually to look like Launchbox media file format naming, or there is any automatic way to do this? Hope I explained myself well. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone. I've been user of Hyperspin for 4 months. I had almost finished my set with my favourite systems and all the media and roms, but suddenly I discovered Launchbox + Big Box. I just fell in love watching some videos of the interface and all the functionalities, so in less than 24h I had purchased the premium license. Launchbox is better in many ways and much more clean and cool. But there is one feature that was supposed to be better and more automatic and for me is not working that great. I'm talking about the automatic system for importing multimedia of all the roms and systems (boxes, covers, title screens, logos, backgrounds, etc). For example, I am configuring my SNES system with Snes9x. I'm using the No-intro romset (as far as I know is one of the most recommended). When I import all the roms to Launchbox, there is a lot of media missing (specially front box for Japan roms and logos for all the regions). Should I use another romset with another rom naming? Considering that I already have all the needed media for Hyperspin and for all the roms (the media files have the same name as the rom). Is there any option to associate it in Launchbox? As far as I observed, the media directory in Launchbox is working with another kind of naming, so copy/paste the media files from Hyperspin dir to Launchbox dir is not working. I would like to have all the systems looking great and completed with media, but for now, looks like I will have to put all the media manually for all those roms with missing media. Thanks
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