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  1. I'm having a issue where when I'm in Big Box and try to launch a Gamecube game via Dolphin, the game launches, but it launches behind Big Box, you can hear the audio but can't see the game and your screen is still showing the Big Box game screen. I have Dolphin setup to launch via Rocket Launcher. Any ideas to how to fix this?
  2. I'm going through and adjusting my ledblinky settings as well as my bezel settings and fixing ones that are incorrect or don't work. I found that the bezels for "Punch Out" and "Super Punch Out" don't function right. The bezel crops out the bottom screen of the games and only shows the top screen, and if I change to the "Dual Over-Under (Gapless) like I want the bezel disappears. Is there a way to have the bezel while keeping the dual screen look?
  3. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I have had launchbox crash a lot to do. I have been going through and making sure might led buttons are lighting the way I want with every game and launchbox seems to crash almost every time after I boot a game that I haven't played before, when I close the game I get the error message shown in the attached image. Any idea on a solution?
  4. Love this theme! One issue I’m having is when I’m in the game list for the arcade is it isn’t loading the actual marquee image for the games, it’s loading like advertisements or the clear logos it seems. What do I need to change so it will use the actual marquee images when available? Other question is where can you get the video marquees, the ones that have them are awesome and would like to get more. Thanks!
  5. Is it possible when you select a game and are in the menu where "Play, View Images Fullscreen, etc..." are for the game, that the marquee with the video playing changes to the marquee of the actual game?
  6. Awesome! I will just change the order/settings in here, thanks!
  7. Not sure if this is the best place to ask this question. I've noticed when using certain Startup themes and Pause themes that they grab a image as the background from the games images folder, but when the right kind of image isn't available it tends to just grab the games logo file and stretch that to fit the background of the pause/start up screens. My question is, is there a way to have a default image that will load when a game doesn't have the kind of image it is looking for? That way you can always have a nice looking background and not some pixelated stretched logo. Not sure if this is doable or not, but figured I would ask. Thanks!
  8. Love the pause menu. I was wondering if it was possible to add a default background image somehow, not for all games, but for games that don't have the right kind of image it grabs the game logo and just makes it stretched to fit the screen and doesn't look very nice, I was thinking if there was a default image for instances like this it would be nice, but I'm not sure if it would work or if it would just override and use the same image for everything.
  9. I got the hiscores saving in mame but I have noticed that there are games that are still not loading the high scores, the one I've found is Puzzle Bobble, it is saving a hi file, but when you play the game again it isn't loading the hiscore, pretty much all the other games I have tried work fine, but for some reason this one doesn't is saves the hi file but doesn't load it the next time. Any idea if there is a fix for games like this?
  10. Does anyone have any advice for making LEDBlinky animations? I was messing around with the animation editor and I have an idea for how I want an animation to look, but I'm used to working in programs like After Effects and Adobe Premiere where I have a lot more options for how animations work. All I want to do is have the bottom lights fade on first and have the animation fade the lights on from the bottom to the top, almost like a gradient fade, I can't figure out how to do that without having to manually do it which would take forever. I saw a video where a guy used the "xlights" program to do his animations, but I have my lights split between the ultimarc IO board and a PACLED64 board, so I don't know if I would be able to use that or not. Any help with more efficient ways to do animations would be great. Thanks
  11. @spycat That fixed my issue, I didn't have everything I needed in the zip, now I have it working. Thanks for the help! @Headrush69 I checked out a few of the games with lamps like you suggested, I like the lamp effects, my biggest issue (because I have a little ocd) is I don't like bezels that don't take up my entire screen, Having big black bars on both sides, so I may have to slowly find the artowork I like and combine different elements like you did. Thanks for all the info!
  12. @spycat I followed that guide and it's still not working. I download the two ini files he has linked, placed them in my root mame folder, named the artwork I wanted to use "genhorizontal" and "genvertical" and placed them in the "artwork" folder and they aren't loading, not sure what I'm missing. @Headrush69 I'm not sure what I would need to get from progettos, would I download the 3 main art packs and then download the subsequent update packs? Also, what are lamps in mame?
  13. I'm back with probably another simple question...being stuck at home is giving me lots of time to fine tune my cabinet. I want to add default bezels for the horizontal and vertical games in mame that don't have a bezel from using the bezel project, I've been looking online and can't find anything that really has answered how to do it. Any help is appreciated!
  14. @JoeViking245 It was some random game ones, I think when I was first learning how to set up Mame I was trying to figure out how to save bezel settings (before I learned of bezel project) and the ini files were from that, and I just carried them over from my previous mame versions when I would update. That’s the only thing I can think for why I had any, because getting rid of them did nothing lol.
  15. GOOD NEWS! I figured out the problem (kind of) I moved all my ini folder files into a backup folder, and once I moved those everything worked with the hiscores. I think the previously generated game ini files were just overriding the main mame.ini file, luckily I don't think I was actually using any of the ini files for anything, I have the artwork set up with the bezel project and then all the games I needed to adjust configs for I did, but nothing I have done has involved doing anything with ini files. I think I am still going to update to the newest romset just to have a no nag version that doesn't have the white boxes again, I already got a .219 setup and know that it doesn't have the boxes. Thanks for all your help the last couple of days @JoeViking245 and @Retro808 . Hopefully I'll eventually know enough to be the one answering peoples questions too!
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