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  1. I use a sound card integrated in the board and I have all the drivers updated to date. It is that it is something strange that causes me that error
  2. I also thought about that, but do not need drivers. It's plug and play.
  3. The stick is the trigger. I have a lot of time playing with an xbox game pad and 0 problems, but it is connecting the arcade stick and both MAME and Demul give sound errors.
  4. Hi guys, I need some help. I have recently received this arcade stick https://www.kromgaming.com/en/controllers/kumite . After connecting it to the PC and using it with Mame and Demul, I do not know what is the reason why the sound in the games is choppy or has some delay. Changing a bit the options in MAME how to disable triple buffer or try to change some advanced options in the performance menu but I notice some loss of graphic fluency ... I have managed to solve the problem, but with demul it is impossible to configure anything to solve this problem. I tried to get in touch with the SAT of the manufacturer and his answer was "it's not our product's problem". Any idea how I can do something to configure the emulators optimally so they do not give sound failures? P.D: I have a powerful PC, so it's not because of performance issues.
  5. I love your clear logos ... could you make horror, life simulation and strategy? I see they are the only ones missing
  6. Great theme ... but if you could activate the game's menu and the possibility of being able to put the larger banners that 480x480 would be great.
  7. I agree with that, Dolphin or even its version Ishiiruka is much better than the lite version of RA. And with respect to PPSSPP ... at the moment I have not had problems in its RA version except for some game patched to my language.
  8. Yes, I mean that ... That with demul I'm going to find fewer problems when it comes to compatibility with the number of games. if the idea of centralizing all emulation in retroarch, is for the use of shaders and avoid having to configure a different emulator for each platform. Once again I thank you for your response
  9. So for the moment, it's better to continue with Demul for what you tell me. Because after trying several games with Reicast, this gives a lot of errors. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hello, I will try to centralize all my emulators with retroarch ... and I have a doubt. I was using Demul, and I was quite happy with its compatibility for both dreamcast and naomi. To emulate dreamcast which option is better in retroarch? Reicast or redream?
  11. Thanks for answering, it's not too late ... I never got to know why I was giving that error when I finished the decompression. Try changing the routes and places of files, other versions of dolphin ... and nothing. In the end, dismiss the self-decompression and do it manually.
  12. Hi, I have been testing with yabause, YabaSanshiro and with the 2 cores of retroarch, yabuse and mednafen, and there is no way ... For some strange reason the saturn isos must be in iso / cue / bin format to be able to be released... Thanks for the help.
  13. Hello, thanks for answering. I tried to do what you advise me with the saturn games and I get the same result. Neither in chd format, directly with bin and cue files, nor with the chd inside a container rar achieved that retroarch or yabause read the game.
  14. Hi guys, I need some help. I've been several days trying to save some space on my hdd. I have converted my isos from psx, ps2, gamecube, wii, dremcast, etc ... to rar format. Thanks to the launchbox option, extract ROM before starting, I have not had problems except with sega saturn. I have tried from the retroarch cores as with yabause and YabaSanshiro (-a, -i) ... and none launch the saturn games. Is there any way to do it or can they only be released in iso format? Thanks.
  15. Hello, Thanks for answering. In the Dolphin emulator configuration I have -e and -b ... as I had it until 2 or 3 weeks ago. I do not find the reason why nNasos decompresses well but then at the time of having to launch Dolphin this gives me error. I have the same configuration that was working correctly until changing my pc ... except for the change in the routes of the roms and isos.
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