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  1. camboico

    Dolphin and nNasos

    Thanks for answering, it's not too late ... I never got to know why I was giving that error when I finished the decompression. Try changing the routes and places of files, other versions of dolphin ... and nothing. In the end, dismiss the self-decompression and do it manually.
  2. camboico

    Saturn games in rar format

    Hi, I have been testing with yabause, YabaSanshiro and with the 2 cores of retroarch, yabuse and mednafen, and there is no way ... For some strange reason the saturn isos must be in iso / cue / bin format to be able to be released... Thanks for the help.
  3. camboico

    Saturn games in rar format

    Hello, thanks for answering. I tried to do what you advise me with the saturn games and I get the same result. Neither in chd format, directly with bin and cue files, nor with the chd inside a container rar achieved that retroarch or yabause read the game.
  4. camboico

    Saturn games in rar format

    Hi guys, I need some help. I've been several days trying to save some space on my hdd. I have converted my isos from psx, ps2, gamecube, wii, dremcast, etc ... to rar format. Thanks to the launchbox option, extract ROM before starting, I have not had problems except with sega saturn. I have tried from the retroarch cores as with yabause and YabaSanshiro (-a, -i) ... and none launch the saturn games. Is there any way to do it or can they only be released in iso format? Thanks.
  5. camboico

    Dolphin and nNasos

    Hello, Thanks for answering. In the Dolphin emulator configuration I have -e and -b ... as I had it until 2 or 3 weeks ago. I do not find the reason why nNasos decompresses well but then at the time of having to launch Dolphin this gives me error. I have the same configuration that was working correctly until changing my pc ... except for the change in the routes of the roms and isos.
  6. camboico

    Dolphin and nNasos

    Hi, someone can help me please? Until a few days ago I was using nNasos with a script to be able to launch my compressed games of cube and wii in dolphin. Is this... I have been using this method for several months without problems ... but recently I have switched from PC to another more powerful one. I am configuring again launchbox and all the emulators and now nNasos is giving me this error coming from Dolphin. The script seems to work fine and even decompress the iso well but when you have to launch dolphin, it does not start and I get an error. I have tried to change the dolphin version and even use its Ishiiruka version ... and the same error keeps coming up constantly. P.D: post this here because the creator of the post of this script with nNASOS seems to give no sign of life. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have new problems ... I have changed my PC, configuring nNasos again as I had before changing only the new paths ... At the end of the decompression Dolphin gives me this error. I spend all afternoon spinning both the script and the .ps1 file and I always get the same error. If you could give me some advice I would thank you very much
  8. camboico

    plataform category classification

  9. camboico

    plataform category classification

    Hello, A quick question... Would it be possible to create the following list from the plataform category And thus be able to classify the different consoles by brand ? For example: - Consoles - Nintendo - Nes - Snes - N64 - ETC... To the maximum that I have arrived is to classify directly by brand, but I can not start from consoles, handhelds, pc's ... and then create categories by brands and device... Thanks.
  10. camboico

    Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Thank you so much, amazing work. The best theme I've ever seen... Please more plataforms !!
  11. camboico

    Logo or banner to Platform

    Hi, Is there any type of logo or banner in the forum or by the community for platform NINTENDO, SONY, SEGA ...? I've searched even in Emumovies, even on your FTP, and I have not found anything. P.D: I do not know how to make myself some that are not very crappy ... Thanks.
  12. Thanks so much... I finally got it. I use it in wii ... you also comment that it can be done with gamecube. To pass the cube iso a. dec would be to drag each iso towards the Nnasos.exe true?
  13. I tried this and nothing. When running the game from launchbox, a black window for 2-3 seconds with several sentences in red ... I guess with an error message.
  14. Hi, At this point you are referring to the launchbox window or the nNASOS-Proxy.exe configuration file. Where I put this comand line? Because putting it in the command line of the launchbox window, decompresses but does not open dolphin. Please help .
  15. camboico

    How capture video?

    Thanks, I mea nusing some plugin that you link directly video and game. So I would not have to rename ...