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  1. Hey Neil, the picture you are showing above looks good, but when the fish fly at you and are firing their shots, you don't see the fire sometimes and the screen where you fly through a maze, the maze disappears. I was running the latest MAME and also tried 0.180 (which is what i use for qbert and the games that use the samples for Votrax speak synthesizer which MAMEs emulation hasn't perfected yet), but even that one didn't display it properly. I read somewhere that something broke in MAME after 0.173 that affected Major Havoc so I now use 0.173 to play Major Havoc.
  2. This post is for those having problems with not being able to see the enemy fire coming at you and the maze lines missing. It seems that the newer versions of mame that came after 0.173 broke something in the code so if you want to see everything properly what I did is install the 0.173 Mame and add it to the launchbox emulators so that I could assign the 0.173 emulator to major havoc. I also had to edit the vector file in the Mame64\ini\presets folder changing the beam_width_max to 1.38 Hope this helps someone out there
  3. Hi everyone, I'm having trouble Installing windows game from a different drive than C so launchbox doesn't detect it. Any work around until the devs add a folder search button to select the folder where the game is installed? Thanks in advance!
  4. For some reason I haven't been able to get it into Ximput mode. I have checked the box in the config util for X/in interface and hit apply but it still says its in keyboard mode.. Sorry my newb level is at a all time high, this is embarrassing LOL 😳
  5. Currently I have it set to this, but in launchpad in the controller config settings it doesn't see the gamepad in the pull down menu for game pads. What should the debounce option be set to?
  6. Ultimarc iPac 2 not showing up in launchbox game controller pull down menu I'm not able to assign mappings to control launchbox or big box however it does show up in win10 under devices and will work once mame is running. Any help is greatly appreciated. PS. I'm a registered LB/BB user
  7. The atari 7800 still isn't there so i'm sure there are a few still missing hopefully they will get it all back together
  8. oh cool must have gotten fixed today, yesterday it wasn't there.
  9. Evidently they got hacked so the ones i was asking for weren't available from the online updater..
  10. http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/windows/x86_64/latest/ found em'
  11. figured out where they go. Could you send the other cores @ me pretty please Missing; mess_libretro muppen64plus_libretro desmume_libretro mednafenpc_fx_libretro dolphin_libretro mednafen_vb_libretro gambatee_libretro vba_next_libretro mednafen_wswan_libretro
  12. Thanks a lot for such a speedy response. I was kinda shocked to not see it there. TBH the 7800 is kinda meh compared to mame so I can def wait.
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