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  1. Hello. I haven't turned one of my cabinets on since February, but I just plugged in and upgraded to 10.11. I have the bezel project installed, for some reason I am getting black boxes scrolling down each bezel side. It isn't running through the gameplay, only the bezels. Anyone have any idea? Not greatly visible in picture, but black bars are scrolling fastly, about 2 times per second top to bottom.
  2. I've just run into this frontend this morning. Looks a lot like the Launchbox website front page. https://emulation.ninja
  3. Honestly I am just along for the ride of a lifetime! I chose this Front-end a year ago and it's great, the tutorials are excellent and the whole experience of building a full cab and setting everything up has been awesome! Anyway you guys choose to go I'll follow and play along. Thanks Jason!
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