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  1. I want to chip in to say I'd also like to see this happen.
  2. Posting here for posterity. I always forget how to do this. Highlighting this quote too because it is crucial - the method only works on Enterprise.
  3. I've been following this for a while. Lord this is difficult. I'm not on Linux and I'm not using LaunchBox. I'm on macOS and I'm using RetroFE. But there's enough overlap, and the findings by @Sterophonick on the commands are getting me almost, almost there. I'm not yet dealing with the bat file, first I'm trying to see if I can open anything with the terminal using wine cmd and then: cmd /c start Z:/Applications/Dolphin.app/Contents/MacOS/Dolphin -e cmd /c start /unix Dolphin.app/Contents/MacOS/Dolphin cmd /c start Z:/Applications/RetroArch.app/Contents/MacOS/RetroArch cmd /c start /unix RetroArch.app/Contents/MacOS/RetroArch all these indeed open the .app. Do note that for the /unix commands I have to move the .app to Users/myusername because calling the full Z: path doesn't work. But, appending the game afterwards just doesn't get picked up. I have my drive added on wine under I: so say: cmd /c start Z:/Applications/Dolphin.app/Contents/MacOS/Dolphin -e "I:/Games/GameCube/Animal Crossing/Animal Crossing.gcz" or any variation, /unix, backward slash, quote, no quote... it always outputs Dolphin saying it couldn't find the file. On RetroArch it's about the same because of the -L command part: cmd /c start Z:/Applications/RetroArch.app/Contents/MacOS/RetroArch --verbose -L "Z:/Applications/RetroArch.app/Contents/Resources/cores/mgba_libretro.dylib" outputs: --libretro argument "Z:/Applications/RetroArch.app/Contents/Resources/cores/mgba_libretro.dylib" is neither a file nor directory. Ignoring. and opens RetroArch without the core loaded. So obviously this second path is being passed on wrong. It's very difficult to find information on this subject. If you guys got any idea, I'd appreciate it.
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