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  1. Oh ok bummer. Shame. So not even the config files huh. Hmm oh well not to hard to set up. I already have most of them just need to make sure will work with this set up as well. Thanks man
  2. I get the roms I’m more e looking at the set up and media. Was very unaware of emulators not sure we’re licensing would come from with n emulator all of them are free open sourced. But having the settings definitely saves a lot time . More looking for config files and what it is
  3. My Big Box Setup w/RocketLauncher

    Thank you guys super new to all this. Started over on the raspberry pi now into retropie and hyperspin on my pc and so far really liking the looks if launchbox so I might be a converter lol I’ll look around thanks guys
  4. My Big Box Setup w/RocketLauncher

    @angelobodetti is this whole setup available in the downloads? Like all the media and set up with rocket launcher? Set up is awesome man couple tweaks for my preference and I’d be ecstatic. Looks dope man love the media
  5. Is there any way to download all these themes? Possible full set up? Emulators n all?? Looks freaking amazing dude couple of charges for my preference and I’d be a happy camper lol