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  1. It's All Good Thank you for the help!!!!!!! That worked perfectly!!!!
  2. That actually sounds like it would work but I don't see a "show file names" box
  3. So, I was wondering if I should go through my rom files and clean up the names. I have a lot of roms with country codes and other codes added in the title and I think it's affecting the metadata and organization of the files. this also makes it look cluttered on the screen (see attached) An example is a file like this:: Andre Agassi Tennis (JE) (REV 01) [c][!].bin Should I go through and delete the (JE) (REV 01) [C][!] parts to help organize and clean up the titles of these games and if so is there an easier way than going through 2k titles 1 by 1 and renaming.
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