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  1. Thanks, I'll give that SVN version a try!
  2. I've been having a few probs getting Rowan's 1994 flight sim Operation Overlord running... I can get the SVGA test to complete successfully but can't get the game to run with SVGA, also can't get the sound running either even after enabling it using the ? option on the main .exe file to configure the sound options. I'm sure I remember having this running fine in the dim and distant past but have lost that hard drive a long time ago so don't have anything to work from. EDIT: Also have tried using the ET4000 instead of the S3, I can get as far with both as SVGA on the ground but the game crashes when going to flight mode... it doesn't even load the cockpit. Still no sounds at any time, I'm wondering if anyone has managed to get Dawn Patrol to work as it's pretty much the same game, released in the same year. Anyone out there managed to get this game running in SVGA or even with sound?
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