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  1. mine is a usb one as i thought it would be better! The mic works with every other aspect of the pc but not with launchbox! I'll keep my eyes open for a non usb one maybe, its not a major thing for me but i would have liked to try the feature out! Thanks for your help guys
  2. Thanks Neil ill take a look at this. Im not sure if its no longer been supported or if theres a few gremlins in the works. I paid next to nothing for the mic anyway and it works on FB messenger if i cant get the feature to work!
  3. Thanks neil i dont know if i can change windows to english us if so ill try that!!!!
  4. Many thanks indeed and i apologise for the duplicate post. I shall keep trying, although i can't see me using it all the time it is still a cool feature and would like to utilise it if possible. Thank you for the swift reply sit, really appreciated
  5. Hi im a newbie and have got my heard round most things and have bought a mic to use the voice feature so i can say opn ps2 etc, however i cant get this to work and cant find any tutorials! I have ticked the box saying activate and it says it has activated but what next? what settings? I have tried everything!! The mic works and has been tested on windows 7 and is calibrated but what now!! Thanks guys for any help at all, i really want to integrate the voice recognition feature!!! Thanks again folks
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